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The US Dollar Is On Life Support – Got Gold?

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64 Comments on The US Dollar Is On Life Support – Got Gold?

    • After the crash we could jumpstart the economy by releasing new technology.. distribution of food will be little problematic.. but not impossible to solve..

    • Ken D
      Fascinating, I have experienced the reverse. I love both, but my BTC has far superseded my silver over the last decade; not even in the same galaxy. Diversity is always an ideal model. Any derogatory nomenclatures, from either side, undermines the individual throwing mud around, including linguistics, such as “imbeciles” or “bitkerns”. The wise will transcend such trite squabbles, and with an open, bright mind, objectively seek the highest yields. Bitcoin and silver are both exceptional assets to own in this ever turbulent world. Cheers 🙂

    • Great videos Mike, Those economies that were rising and falling were with PM’s. Isn’t it different this time with fiat money? If it goes to 0….
      China will have a bunch of 0’s and not gold or silver like the countries before ? Thank you

    • @Ken D Peter Schiff’s argument against cryptos I’d the same as Murray Rothbard’s form the 1970s. Rothbard write an essay free at “what has govenment done to our money” which explains that money is fundamentally a COMMODITY which is easily traded and stored. Cryptos are a unit of account, but not a commodity.

    • While at the same time JP Morgan he’ll be hoarding tons of ounces of Silver-What are their real motives and attempt behind all this??

    • @GalactixPirate i wonder if JPM actually owns the 800 million oz’s or does someone else. Maybe Blythe did a runner?

    • @8wayspeed I heard they’re storing for other people/entities.But who knows if its true.They know what happened to the Hunt Brothers,so they know what loopholes to go around or avoid from the Hunt’s mistake.

    • @Rommie Kamzols Monetary demand? Who decides what is money . The guberment Mafia or the free-market? They spend 5 trillion dollars a year to suppress the prices of a 0.017 trillion dollar commodity. Don’t need monetary demand for silver to go to the moon. All is required is for the funny debt money printing machine to break down.

    • The free market is speaking. That’s why gold is going up and silver is pretty much stagnating. For the last 3 months I’ve been only stacking gold. I wish I had bought gold instead of so much silver in the past. Silver is now an industrial metal, gold is considered money, even outside of the stacker channels on YouTube.

    • Rommie Kamzols
      Why $20 then? Why not $15 or $10 or $0? If there is NO (as in ZERO) monetary value, then why is it priced there at all and not instead priced similarly to copper? Explain your logic.

    • Frank Grimes
      We do not have a free market economy. Increase your understanding of that first.

      Edit: Also, silver is not stagnant – you are factually incorrect.

      In the last 3 months silver has gone up %16, while gold has risen %14. Even with a large margin of error that makes them equally mobile for now. The gold silver ratio does not lie.

    • Dreamcatcher_11_ iv got a little over 200 ounces of silver iv acquired over the past few years. I hope you are right!

    • I also can’t wait…… to buy my second, third, fourth and fifth houses with a few silver/gold pieces.

    • You mean a few 100 oz silver bars? Maloney himself said one can purchase a average house for around 500oz back in 2011. And that’s if you are able to time it correct n sell at the peak

    • @XGiveMeLibertyX consider 1/10 ounce to be a day’s labor (both in Rome and 1800’s USA). Although in the”art of war” it sounds like 1/100 was a day’s labor. In Ancient Egypt silver was more rare and expensive than gold (note the story of Joseph in the Bible where a SILVER goblet was stolen in the bag of grain)……. So 200 ounces is about 6 years of income? Remember to buy back into the stock market when you DOW/gold ratio hits historical lows.

  1. Thanks Mike you deserve the economic peace medal and some honey for your poor throat. Outstanding work as per norm.

  2. The thing about the “reserve currency” status map, that is often omitted, all of the other “reserve currencies” Portugal, Spain, Dutch, France, British they were all gold coins, gold were the real reserve in all of these centuries, there were just one country’s coins that were more popular than others.

  3. be sure to give the nobel prize to mike maloney ……peter schiff ….. jim rikards…….ron paul………in 2022……..when silver hits 150 and gold 4000

    • With all due respet, enough with the ‘Let keep waiting’ talk. There are a lot of dedicated PM Stackers, like myself that would like to see our holding appreciate to where it should be, not at these manipulated, depressed prices. God knows how many people we have lost over the past few years and will never return because of these stagnate pull backs

  4. I’ve got some, but not nearly as much as a few select cryptocurrencies who all have the potential to become the future world reserve currency. Only one will win out though.

  5. Hello Mike, your view on blockchain is the real one. Im wondering how much can Peter Schiff be a contrarian 😂
    Hold your gold, silver and crypto pals cant wait for the crisis

  6. No. Not gold but almost 500 oz of silver that I’ve been buying since the infamous Shemitah thing.
    All under a pizza delivery job!!

    • Wouldn’t that be “helicopter stimulus”? It would 7.65% of my gross pay goes directly to social security and Medicare. Cutting payroll tax would benefit both the employer (who pays the same 7.65%) and myself?

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