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The Untold Story Behind USA’s Biggest Secret Deal – The Petrodollar $

Mike Maloney has been giving updates on the 'Death of the Global Dollar Standard' since 2009…join him in this latest video as he discusses one of the biggest nails in the dollar's coffin to date. Download Mike's best-selling book for free here:

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33 Comments on The Untold Story Behind USA’s Biggest Secret Deal – The Petrodollar $

  1. Mike is the man! 100% proof China is NOT the number one holder of US Treasuries, truth be told: Rob Kirby & Jim Willie stated this as “napkin math”.

  2. Great Job Mike … from monetary history to gold and silver to crypto and then blockchain technology … stumbling across your videos has really changed my life . Thanks for all you do 😎

  3. This rapid turn of events gives Russia/China the ability to destroy America without ever firing a shot.

    • My broker (scotiabank) was very sheepish when I asked if the story about them being involved in the fixing of gold & silver prices were was true. He did confirm it was. He then got up and closed the door and proceeded to tell me he too now believes the markets are controlled. The reality is they have always been controlled. Many believe that would be impossible but when you print the currency and control governments nothing is impossible. We have been set up and it’s now checkmate…..the debt has every nation and individual intertwined so there is no going back and every bubble eventually bursts.

      Thought this was interesting and very accurate. This is the sort of thing the public finds important. Can you imagine the WTF look on their faces when the collapse happens. Talk to co-workrs, family or try and organize a meet up group to discuss the trouble we are in and you’d be lucky to a couple of people interested in looking at the evidence.

    • Sorry I’m dyslexic, it’s not as bad as it used to be but still gets me from time to time.

  4. Thanks for the video. Is sure seems like the writing is on the wall and I think it’s about time to set the rest of the world free from the USD heavy handed policy’s.

  5. Is all smoke screen before the real event, biggest crash of our lifetime, central banks are basically lying what will happen.

  6. You really can’t fight stupidity. When you become a bully because of the power you have, there will be consequences.

  7. Germany (Hitlers daughter) France (Macron, the Satanist) and the UK (the “bloodlines”) are an axis of evil, not the “allies” of the people of the USA.

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