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The True Story Behind China’s ‘Currency Manipulation’ – Mike Maloney

There's more than meets the eye to most economic processes, and the latest news regarding China's label by the USA as a 'currency manipulator' is no exception. Join Mike Mike Maloney as he revisits a presentation given to a group of private investors in England that that shows another side to the story. Links:
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39 Comments on The True Story Behind China’s ‘Currency Manipulation’ – Mike Maloney

  1. Thanks so much for watching, please hit the ‘thumbs up’ button if you got something from this video. You can support this channel by making your bullion dealer, our mission: To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through free markets, free people, and sound money.

  2. I always recommend Mike to anyone who wants to learn about the economy. He does an amazing job explaining things that are difficult concepts for novices to grasp.

    • Same here. Sometimes I try to explain it to people but he is so much better.

    • Just dont recomend Gold and took my gold in less than 12 months though their fees and charges.

    • @Herb Levin If the US government actually limited spending, there wouldn’t be available/cheap US bonds for China to buy, and balance would naturally occur.

  3. China is doing the same thing as the Federal Reserve: printing currency, buying U.S. treasury bonds, and flooding the U.S. economy with new dollars.

    • No, China is much better than fed. we buy treasury bonds with cheap goods. not the dollar from thin air. we lifted the life standards in US.

    • @Human To the extent that $$ buying treasuries goes to the government to spend on government programs, some of it has gotten to the general economy to keep it propped up. But yes, when the hyperinflation hits the fan, the average Joe will be broke.

  4. The cash flow is irrelevant, it’s the flow of technology and labor that matters.
    By giving away the knowledge and means of production to a foreign power makes the US much weaker and poorer.

    • here’s your math mike, we get cheap goods today so they can build up their industry and ruin ours, it will burn us in the long run, we’re going to be poor if we have no production

  5. What isn’t mentioned in this video is that China has fighting and winning a trade war with the USA for decades. Now that Trump is fighting back it is suddenly called a trade war, that will ruin our economy? Ridiculous. Just look how the living standards for the average American has declined over since Nixon opened up one-sided trade with China while at the same time living standards for the average Chinese has boomed.

  6. Well said Mr.Maloney. You have explained everything what I have been saying only better. That is why I always recommend you Sir. Thank you

  7. When China does it : it is currency manipulation.
    When Usa does it : it is Quantitative Easing.
    I thought Trump said “easy to win”

    • Excellent point! Obvious, now that you’ve pointed it out. Presidents are actors. We had a choice between a house-of-horrors circus witch or an orange haired Bozo clown-dog. I wonder about the particulars regarding the actual chain of command [i.e., decision making] behind national and international heads of state.

    • Yes, all central banks are printing money and buying bonds to prevent the global ponzi scheme from collapsing. The difference with China is that, in addition to printing money, it also manufacturers things that consumers want to buy.

    • President Trump has put China between a rock and a hard spot with his tariffs. But we’re not being hurt all that bad. China’s best option is to capitulate and agree to fair trade. He said “easy to win,” not “quick to win.”

  8. I can’t believe people argue with you about the Trade Wars even Anthony Scaramucci thinks the trade War is a bad idea

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