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The Real GoldFinger – Who Was This Secretive Banker?

Sit alongside Mike as he engages in his trademark due diligence, exploring the far-reaching influence of the Warburg family in the Federal Reserve, the Roosevelt administration, and offshore banking, including “The London Banker Who Broke the World,” Sigmund Warburg.

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34 Comments on The Real GoldFinger – Who Was This Secretive Banker?

    • Central banks only create 5% of currency. That documentary is wrong and especially the solution they present

    • +Bjorn Schreff thats possible. Its old. I havent seen it in a decade. I believe you are wrong about only 5%. But its possible you are splitting what the fed does and what all its member banks do… if any bank lends money, the fed system creates money. In the US its 100%

    • +Bjorn Schreff here in canada, because our central bank is owned by the people, the system works as an end run. The national debt was sold to private banks and they now charge us prime interest rather than us paying nothing. All new money in Canada is created by loan, the central bank NEVER creates money here.

    • +LucVNO there is a difference between bank created credit and central bank reserves/expanding their balance sheets. Central banks only control 2 to 5% of the total ‘money’ in circulation. The rest is bank credit. Thats why i said the documentary is wrong.

  1. Who did Warburg work for? Wasnt he fairly poor when he died, only for it to be discovered that he was always a Rotchild frontman.

  2. Thank you Mike for this brilliant find! These damn banksters need to be swept up and put in the meatgrinder or sent to Guantanamo Bay! These damn cockroaches can not live off of the entire humanity and think think they have the planet for themselves! Enough is enough! Q is cleaning . . .

  3. City of London have the “remembrancer” who sits at the front of the house of commons .they also have a team of lawyers who scrutinise public legislation for its effects on the city. In my opinion, city of London is more of a state within a state than a city within a city, though I’ve never quite got to the bottom of how. Notably, the City includes the Bank of England amongst its many landmarks, so all of the gold!

    • Also note that it has been exempt from several legal reforms. It’s electorate consists of representatives from over 20,000 businesses and only around 9000 persons, so it is controlled by businesses, corporations and other bodies.

  4. Very very interesting!!! I was just looking into City of London and how it controls offshore banking. Warburgs need to be studied.

    • Paul T. Don’t Forget the Vatican. The pope and the Roman Catholic Church have even more guilt than the banksters themselves. Hell will be a very crowded place!

  5. I just watched the YouTube documentary “The spiders web. Britain’s second empire” about the city of London . Worth watching

  6. Yes, Rothschilds & Warburgs: 2 evil Central Banking families. Wasn’t aware of how close the connection to FDR they were.

    • Ethercruiser1 FDR and Obama plus Woodrow Wilson are probably the most traitorous Presidents in our history.

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