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The Hard Proof That Shows Keynesians Are DEAD WRONG

Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: Three decades of a lost, zombified economy. That's what traditional Keynesian economics brought to Japan – will the United States suffer the same result? Thanks for sharing and clicking that 'Like' button. For those wondering why our videos don't appear in their subscription feed immediately – we release our clips to our free weekly email readers first, then later we publish to YouTube. Sometimes it's just hours, sometimes it's a couple of days later. This is to encourage people to join our free newsletter – because one day, we may not have YouTube to rely on. Join our free newsletter list by going to and entering your email address in the 'Get Market Alerts' box at the bottom of the page. As always, thank you for your support. M.

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53 Comments on The Hard Proof That Shows Keynesians Are DEAD WRONG

    • That’s why they’re teaching the kids to choose a different gender instead of learning economics and monetary policy of their own government.

    • Financially illiterate public. I didn’t learn any of this stuff until my 30s when I actively went looking for it.

    • …and that it’s outright criminal. Ten years of 0% interest on savings accounts stealing billions from responsible people. Central banks need to be burned down.

  1. The only thing worse than Keynesian economic theory is Marxist economic theory. America suffers from both.

    • Keynesians ARE NOT DEAD WRONG BUT ALIVE AND RIGHT! This video is an another leftist-liberal deranged black propaganda with SELECTIVE CENSORSHIP of the TRUE KEYNESIAN PRINCIPLE which is to say ALL NEW MONEY MUST GO INTO THE PRODUCTION OF NEW GOODS AND SERVICES. In plan English all new money must go into the acquisition-purchase of NEW INDUSTRIAL CAPITAL GOODS CLASSIFIED AS PRODUCTION FACTORY MACHINERIES, EQUIPMENTS, INSTRUMENTS, DEVICES, GADGETS, MATERIALS, RAW MATERIALS, ETC AND IN THE INVESTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES SUCH AS SCHOOLS AND EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL TRADES SCHOOLS AND IN THEIR MAINTENANCE SUCH AS ALL AROUND GENERAL HOSPITALS AND ALL KINDS OF SPECIALIZED MEDICAL FACILITIES AND CLINICS, ETC. These, when synergistically combined integratedly together, can become the supporting physical economic material assets and human assets to support the newly created and/or acquired money.

    • America suffers from both & both can kill you. But worst of all is the Federal Reserve, which is the real power behind the scenes. Until the Federal Reserve is ended, the evil masters that are leading the USA to death will not be stopped.

    • Interest incentivizes people to loan. Loans allow people to climb the economic ladder. Usury isnt the problem, currency manipulation is.

    • +skyson b pei I as a muslim, charging people with interest wether its small or big is not allowed. You can only charge the administration fees, but not interest at the latest balance.

      More funny things, they allowed banks quantitative easing which is the plain daylight lie that devalue the currency.

    • +GREG GMW Torah as written by the Jews only prohibits usury/interests among their own Jewish brothers but allows to charge interest against goyim (gentiles). You’d need to ask rabbis why such a double standard. Looks to me like God’s law has been tampered.

  2. How is this any different from CEOs using “Cheap Money” to buy back the stocks of teir own companies, artificially boosting the Stock’s price?

    • +MadsPrank That was vague of me.
      I meant, How is our Economy any different from Japan’s if ,as ‘our’ CEO’s use “cheap Money” to buy back their own Stocks(thereby artificially raising said stock’s price) the Japanese Version of their Fed Reserve prints money so they can buy stocks on the Japanese Stock Market, thereby artificially raising their prices.If its leading to Stag-Flation in Japan, wouldn’t the same thing happen here?

    • Yes Michael the US is just as bad the fed buys assets, prints money too. he said it will be a global collapse.

  3. In case of Japan, you’re missing one key data series: demographics. Japan passed average house/home-buying median age early 1990s. Combine this with low population growth, people living longer and near zero immigration -> no more real economic growth. It’s all credit growth fueled crack-up boom after that.

    • You forgot to talks about restrictions of competition with the government giving privileges to some big company and the plaza treaty ,
      Who restrain the Japanese competitiveness by making the yen more expensive.

  4. I wist that the World Economy would go ahead and crash, because that is when Satoshi Nakamoto will make me filthy stinking rich.

    • How if they shut down all the internet thru ww3, or they force to illegally use the currency like mafia state China?

    • +Din Joekhannaz if the internet was shut down in the whole world we will have must bigger problems than crypto, gold or silver.

    • +Ronney McCarthy nope, gold and silver will stay, bcoz the have physical entities. I just doubt about the Cryptos survivability,..

    • +Din Joekhannaz the only way that crypto doesn’t survive is if the internet goes away forever. If the internet comes back up all that has to happen is for one node to connect to the internet and then other computers will begin downloading the block chain. You really don’t know how crypto works do you ?

  5. The business cycle is a pretty natural thing – economic growth followed by (historically, pretty brief) slow-downs that help cleanse the system of bad debts, poor investment decisions and non-competitive businesses. You can say one primary reason the second half of 20th Century was so great for the US economically was because we allowed the Great Depression to happen. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon that the federal government now tries to avoid ANY reset in the market or larger economy. Losses of any kind are unacceptable!! They will keep bubbles inflated at any cost (even sacrificing everyone else, if necessary) – to shield the rich from losses as long as humanly possible..

    • You are confusing “the rich” with the small group of oligarchs in command of the Fed/US Federal government…

  6. With US Debts and Deficits expected to continue to reach new record highs every quarter moving forward, the American people are being deliberately duped into believing that we even have an economy… It is an absolute impossibility to borrow your way into prosperity. But the illusion is: “we have a strong economy and are adding jobs…” ITS A LIE…

    • ” It is an absolute impossibility to borrow your way into prosperity”
      — That’s absurd. How else could Wall Street accumulate all the country’s wealth and have the power to write their own tax cuts and let our infrastructure crumble, Jeez Fred Lampert wouldn’t have been able to buy Sears and sell off all their holding without it.

    • 🙂 All the cans, All over getting kicked down the road!! Till they hit the Traffic lights🚦, And it’s At Stop!!,

  7. I know the market isnt far from crashing, I regularly get brokers ringing me to swindle me into investing. This is because they keep trying to prop up the ponzi scheme. No financial guru used to waste their time contacting you, you had to chase them, they’re desperate. I keep my value, currency I believe in are ammunition, food stores, medical supply, fuel, electrical generation, shelter, security, gold and silver. Things that make life easier!

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