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The 4 Biggest Signs For Silver – Mike Maloney Insider’s Preview

There are some unprecedented events occurring in the precious metals markets right now – find out about the four biggest signs for silver in this delayed preview of Mike Maloney's Insiders Report (made available to customers on April 3, 2018). Find out more about becoming a Insider here:
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67 Comments on The 4 Biggest Signs For Silver – Mike Maloney Insider’s Preview

  1. Great video. It’s really fascinating the way you analyse silver and gold. You education videos are also awesome.

  2. Mike, a suggestion. Maybe make a weekly update where you touch on the developments in every area you’ve touched on in your talks and series? Would be a great source of information for everyone to hear the world news as they are supposed to be heard! 🌙😀

    • Per ATTOM research, almost the entire country’s housing stock is overvalued. There are pockets in Iowa and scattered through the midwest that are still affordable. I have 3 homes in Rockford IL that I got cheap, and it’s a very depressed market, but Florida, Texas, the Eastern Seaboard, and the West Coast are all unaffordable, as is Atlanta, Denver, and Phoenix. Smart investing on your part.

    • All my hasidic neighbors that have benefit cards are loaded and all the hard working illegals that are here to stay are loaded also they make 4000 a year on the books and get back 12000

    • +peter wright, “nobodys got any money.” Actually responsible people do have money. Irresponsible people choose to live pay check to pay check spending their money on what ever frivolous nonsense they can find. Bought another pet rock lately?

    • Obedience to flow I am still waiting for a sub 5k bitcoin to re-enter. I do bitcoin but i short it will still go down to 5k or maybe lower.

  3. I can’t stand cryptocurrencies. We know they are a ploy by the central banks to implement a cashless society and a cashless society is not a monetary issue but a freedom issue. Precious metals are the only way for us to stop it.

    • The internet was created to enslave humanity by DARPA. Alan Turing or perhaps someone else created the initial technology and then it was stolen and corrupted by the shadow government. He opposed what they wanted to do but they destroyed his character, locked him up, and poisoned him. Kim Dotcom and others have tried to create an alternative internet and video sharing platforms as well, but they have been viciously attacked by the U.S. government. Mike Adams recently had his channel removed from youtube for discussing gmo food and the like. He is working on an alternative platform as well but has had numerous death threats and cyber attacks on his servers. People need to wake up, get independent, and get some gold and silver as war is being waged against all of us.

    • jmcarp98 I agree with investing in gold/silver as well, but I don’t think your comparison is sound. Even with forks and alternate currencies, the original never changes, and that’s the key point. It’s similar to how we have many different elemental metals such as copper, iron, or titanium. We still value gold more than these dispite their abundance right? Same deal with crypros. Cryptocurrencies allow for international transactions without a third party and that is absolutely revolutionary.

    • Enone I think you are arguing Apples and oranges. The PM you are comparing the Cryptos to all have a physical use. The demand for copper, iron and titanium all have their own unique use and demand. They all can used in certain applications.

      Gold conducts electricity, does not tarnish, is very easy to work, can be drawn into wire, can be hammered into thin sheets, alloys with many other metals, can be melted and cast into highly detailed shapes, has a wonderful color and a brilliant luster.

      As many people point out, PM are held as a store of value to protect against a collapse. Would anyone cancel the insurance on their home because the value of the policy does not rise or because they have not had a claim.

      I agree Blockchain is here to stay, it does serve a valuable purpose but as an investment worth thousands of dollars. I do not think so. I smell dot com and some people are going to lose their shirts by letting their greed get the best of them

    • +jmcarp98, “We know they are a ploy by the central banks to implement a cashless society.”….That is a statement made by someone who knows absolutely nothing about crypto currencies! Here’s a wake up alert: we already live in a cashless society! Most people now live their entire lives without using cash! Crypto currencies give everyone an option NOT to take the Mark of the Beast and still be enabled to electronically transact! Good luck trying to live in your underground barter economy using gold and silver as a medium of exchange! I assure you when the One World Digital Currency is introduced everyone will own crypto in order to electronically transact without accepting the One World Currency and the Mark of the Beast, even you !!! I’ll NEVER sell my silver for dollars, or for any currency other than for the crypto currency of my choice!

    • jmcarp98 Don’t knock the cryptos jm, they’ve been ploughing the field of price discovery for the real wealth hedgers. If your precious metals X 10, it will be because the failed cryptos proved that real wealth is worthy of real value. The only thing you may have for concern yourself with, is when to cash out into another asset.
      Could you be satisfied with X10, ($200?) Knowing Bitcoin went to $20,000?

  4. sometimes you’re too focused on US data. who cares about US mint sales when there are thousands of other mints around the world

    • Cristian, I believe that silver as an investment among private individuals is much more important in America than in most of the world, so thus the emphasis on the American mint sales.

  5. just around the corner …. just around the corner … just around the corner … just around the corner …. just around the corner … just around the corner …

    • Don’t buy silver, buy silver stocks. My favorites are Fortuna Silver and Silvercorp, but when silver goes up, most of the producers will go up in lockstep, except twice as fast. First Majestic, Agnico Eagle, Endeavour Silver work as well. Just don’t buy stocks under $1, because the big money won’t go there much.

  6. I desperately want to buy more gold/silver. I just simply cannot afford to do it right now. Stagnant wages and rising prices are killing me!

    • jerlstif yes exactly! I have been buying one ounce ! To be exact one silver eagle every week for the past 2 years ! Sometimes i feel lucky and i buy 2 or 3 ! So slowly it grows and i don’t feel it!

    • I literally avoid driving for a day or two at a time cause I cant afford to put gas in my car if I drive on my days off work.

    • I feel for you man. Sounds like you’re running a tight ship over there. Keep the faith. More money will come your way if you get creative.

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