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Socialism Debunked In 2 Sentences

"I have ever understood why it is greed to want to keep the money you have earned, but not greed to want to take somebody else's money." – Thomas Sowell
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41 Comments on Socialism Debunked In 2 Sentences

  1. I like your 2 sentences & why socialism always ends up resulting in violence or the threat of violence!

  2. U only call failed countries socialist. Why dont u compare the US to Scandinavian countries instead? They are socialist countries, they have very low poverty and still allow ppl to be rich. U pay 20% extra tax on all income above 50k $. I do it gladly. And dont say those countries arent socialist, cause they are to the level that young US citizens want the US to be.
    And about all the failed socialist countries, u should just read pretty much anything by Chomsky.

    • Take the example of our Country, the Belgium. Of course to treat oneself is cheap (and that’s important, that’s one of best point here in Europe), but you give 50% of Income above 38k€ (±44k$) and already 25% above 7,5k€ + 26% of Social Security before Incomes if you are a owner… great!!! you work 3 days on 4 for the Community (and Belgium is King of “DNA” dépense non-admise or unallowed expenditure), to pay these f*** Government of BE&EURSS … Luxembourg is the best compromise, but we are subject to obey at the requirements of UERSS and their directives, so they have to adapt them. and Luxembourg is a small complicated market, saturated.
      One new Directive plan actually to tax us to KM traveled by vehicles in UE and function of the number of person inside the vehicles. One day for sure if this f*** continent don’t explode, we will pay the oxygen we breathe in proportion to the effort we provide, there is no limit… It could very well have been a good continent at 10 members, but with 27 members completely uneven (around factor x11), being at the boot of the USA, the(ir) lobbies, with corrupt Governments (both in our countries and at the UE). Our governments are real traitors of their nations. If you are successful, you will not succeed very hard in business, you will work until your pension that you will probably never see. Difficult to put something aside to contribute to all those who do not jerk anything.

    • dr 335
      I tell you what….I will come and make all the decisions for you and your family for one week and then you will understand my point. Your point is shared by some, I respect your decision and I apologize for the age comment. Based on 99% of the government run services in our country now, I think the government has proven it’s not capable of more responsibility.

    • dr 335 They are part socialist countries which are mostly capitalist and not socialism as defined by a communist. They have private property, private healthcare etc and break the planks of communism.

      Even communists themselves will use the words socialism and communism interchangeable however socialism is meant to be the transitional phase between capitalism and communism. Where the government takes control of all resources in an attempt to deliver communism (check out the planks of communism).

      The Scandinavian system isn’t even close to this. All failed socialist states were either attempting communism or just full socialism (for one the German National socialists didn’t believe in communism and only had full socialism as a goal. It’s been described as a vampire economy).

      When people call socialism a failure they don’t mean countries which have partially nationalised one part of their economy, and even at that it’s easy to prove the British, Germans etc are over paying and receiving less than they would otherwise. Pensions are run like Ponzi Schemes meaning retirement age is always made older and never younger etc. Check out Ponzi Scheme as well

    • they are not socialists neither is Norway they are small market based economy’s and their leaders are sick of socialists using them as propaganda.

  3. Yes there is a plurality of “brainwashed” millennials that want socialism (it is still not a majority) but there is an even greater plurality that are stount national-conservatives (that which the media have dubbed populism), and they are the ones that are gaining ground, not the socialists.

    • 00rphb But both are STATISTS, which is actually the root issue. Left/Right is a false debate to detract from the only true divide over the very legitimacy of government itself.

    • States can be good, and they can be evil, but the existence of state/governments are amoral, because it is a necessary condition for society.
      The national-conservative position that I belong to advocate for the Nation-state, a limited government that draws its legitimacy from the consent of the governed. It is the key defining aspect of nationalism, that the nation is sovereign.
      And that is fundamentally opposed to the “progressive” position, whose ideological position is that they have the right to govern for our own good, whether we want them to or not.

  4. A good society is one that manages to balance the three fundamental political forces:
    1) Socialism: that protects the weak and unlucky though collective insurance
    2) Liberalism: That protect the natural rights of everyone and keeps society going
    3) Conservatism: That restrains the profane and the perverse, keeping society healthy and wholesome.

    • The ideological is important. I agree, yet what is essential is a potent mix of short term (5yr) to long term (250yr) planning.
      Capitalism harnesses the human energies well. It is the short comings of the emotional outbursts that the longterm plans can help to ease.

    • Socialism: Welfare system
      Liberalism: Hollywood
      Conservatism: Your description is off by a lot, but that’s the part where winners are allowed to win.
      Welcome to America!

    • @ Little Cripple first then wildtwindad
      1)Charity is not a good thing. In fact it is downright evil. All of the worst atrocities in the world are done in the name of altruism. I said socialism in the form of public welfare programs like universal healthcare and gratis education, and we pay for them because it is our duty to pay for them, it is our duty to pay a portion of our money to the common good.
      2) But not all, that is also important we have our inalienable natural right, that is what liberalism, true liberalism is all about. Don’t try to conflate the words. I know that Americans like to use the word “liberalism” when they mean “socialism” despite the fact that the terms couldn’t be any more opposite. *Liberalism is about personal responsibility, individual rights and limited government*
      Anyone who is not for these things are not a liberal

      Capitalism should of course be the framework, but that is not a political ideology, but simply a description of how the world functions.
      I know it is often put in opposition to communism and feudalism, but these are actually also both two versions of capitalism. Communism really means “state capitalism” where the state tries to manage the means of production, that is tries to direct all the capital of the nation. How well that works depends on how much or how little they meddle, with less meddling being better, but in the case of a war, the state, even in traditional liberal countries like the USA takes control over much of the production base in order to direct it towards weapon production.
      Finally feudalism is simply a concentration of all capital in a select few hands, who holds special privileges and whose privileges are passed down the generations

    • 00rphb my question is to you is how do you ameliorate the aggregation of “wealth” into the 1% of the population over time. The descent into a form of neo-feudalism is apparent at this time and it seems that debt slavery is the new social norm. When a conservative 65% of the wealth generated by the 1% is in the form of “rents”, how do we as a society deal with this level of inequality?
      Is a debt jubilee due? I do not have the answers but there is an inherent cognitive dissonance.

    • The perfect synthesis already exists. It’s called libertarianism – look it up. By the way, the first American settlers were socialists and nearly starved within a year. They soon learned and reverted to private property. This eventually led to the America we (at least used to) admire, a constitutional republic based on the separation of powers, private property rights and, above all, the protection of the individual.

  5. Lenin called these people “useful idiots.” It’s all part of the ideological subversion that is programmed into them from a very early age.

  6. Anyone who wants socialism should move to Cuba. This is why I stop watching the news in my country It was starting sound socialist, talking about invest for the long term don’t hedge I’m like u gotta be kidding me.

    • Bullion 911 There are two types of greed. Greed #1. Creating wealth by serving the needs of others via volintary trade. Greed #2. Amassing wealth through conquest , protectionism, tax slavery, bailouts, and down right thief.

  7. The few remaining capitalist economies are LONG GONE from the Western world. We have been living under Socialism for decades already and people don’t even realize it.

    • Mustafa Khurram Pure and totally free capitalism is what caused the Great Depression. We need a small participation of government to regulate certain things (invisible hand) just like now.

  8. Socialism was tried in: USSR, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Czecoslovakia, Hungary, Mongolia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Cuba. I used to believe that it was a tried and failed experiment, but it seems like we never learn anything, we only repeat our mistakes.

    • flownet07 Actually, if Cuba never got the US maritime ban their economy woukd have flourished, but the US couldn’t let the world see that because if one succeeds, several others will want to copy. Cuba used to be the richest country in all latin america before the revolution of Castro in 1959. The problem in that was that the US were the ones taking all the money with their lands and corporations. After Castro’s attack on Fulgencio Batista’s government (Batista was a US puppet), he reclaimed all the land from the americans and that’s how they got the ban. Now they can’t commerce freely (like my home place Puerto Rico [search Jones Act]) and they don’t have the resources to industrially produce and sell products so there’s not wealth, rather enough to survive.

  9. Yes I do not see Bernie Sanders giving away any of his houses. What I find disturbing is how many boomers go along with much of it and even question or electoral system. If we lose our checks and balances we would be no better than any other country like say North Korea. Our founders were protecting us from human nature folks!!!!

  10. Millennials are pretty stupid and ignorant.
    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • there were many successful communist areas, but they were always violently crushed by nationalists, capitalists or greedy leaders. take revolutionary catalonia, the paris commune or the soviet union pre-1928 for examples.
      the reason many socialists claim that stalinism or assadism is ‘not real socialism’ is that those regimes did and do ignore many of the basic underpinnings of leftist thought.

  11. yes, that is right, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was not real socialism, the National Socialist German Workers Party was not socialism, the 1970s UK stagflation crisis under The Labour Party was not socialism, socialists are never to blame for socialism…

    • research the soviet union pre-1928, revolutionary catalonia or the paris commune for functioning socialist societies.. each one was violently crushed by nationalists, capitalists or dictators for their own purposes.

  12. If socialists understood economics, they would not be socialists.
    Excellent video Mike. Socialism always leads to death, and it always have done. These students need to actually do some studying and wake up to the reality.

  13. Examples of Socialist failures over the last century: Venezuela, Norh Korea, Grecee, first Frech republic, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, former Soviet republics, Mongolia, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq.
    Example of capitalism: The United States, the greatest economy in the history of the world. America even integrates socialist concepts into the economy. It’s called welfare. There is a place for you, socialist swine!

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