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Silver Breakout? Or Fakeout? Mike Maloney & David Morgan

Mike Maloney & David Morgan take a look at the recent price action in silver. Is this a breakout or a fakeout? Learn more about The Morgan Report here: Get your physical gold and silver bullion here:
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85 Comments on Silver Breakout? Or Fakeout? Mike Maloney & David Morgan

    • You’ll be able to buy silver cheap the rest of your life. Maybe your heirs will be able to sell it for a profit….50 or 60 years from now. #badinvesting

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    • Real financial insurance should always be boring. At least right up until the excitement takes over from one or more moonshots and KNOWING you’re…prepared and ready.

    • Ive changed my mind about silver; its not an investment. All S&G are is a safe place to STORE wealth. Dont expect any increase in buying power.

    • Well if you want to be mediocre, be my guest, the same goes for your supporters. If you make money and decide to spend it, save it, invest it or even burn it so be it, after all it is yours. In my case I prefer to have the choice if I get sick for instance to choose between a fine hospital and a great hospital, having no choices is a terrible thing. Yes probably we will be the rich guys in the cemetery, but in the end we all go to the same place, so as long as you do what is your passion and don’t harm others, why should we care about mediocre little men?

  1. These two gents are getting old – I wonder if they will still be with us, when silver will finally break out…. for myself same must be true. How long that I heard Mike’s masterpiece “The case for 20000 USD gold”? After so long, I would expect “The case for 20000 USD silver” soon.

    • the main purpose of holding the PM these days is to guard against a currency collapse which could happen at any time. It is not like buying stocks. it is to protect your wealth. 2008 was a warning shot.

      If we do have a crisis it will offset any loses you have in other investments. A smart investor stays diversified and prepares for all scenarios. Mike has put out several videos explaining all of this and yet I scroll down and read some really dumb comments by people after all of his videos.

    • Honestly, I hope I get old and grey and die off before silver really spikes. The day that silver is going up exponentially, we are going to have troubles much larger than worrying about if you have enough silver. When that day comes, no one is going to look at their pile and say “Gee, I think I got too much silver” lol.

    • If they did a reset like 1934 and 1980 gold would reset to about $21,000, would be nice gold and silver bugs could retire early.

    • Files Shared : They’ve worked in the precious metals retail business, sold newsletters and charged heavy fees for ”insiders” reports. They just wanna make money off guys like you and me, whether silver is going up or down.

    • Mike & David have been pitching the “I hope it stays low for a while so I can buy more” so we can buy more from their platforms to only benefit them. They’ve been wrong for 5 years, they should hope for their long term predictions to finally come through !

  2. These guys are as smart and tuned in as you can get, but they are publicly cautious due to the inherent risks. All of the technical indicators point to a major up move building and close at hand. I’m almost all in, holding back a little cash just in case there’s one more pull back, then I’m all in for silver.

  3. David Morgan cries himself to sleep each night knowing he missed the best opportunity of a lifetime. Bitcoin!!! He knew about it years ago .

    • I cry about it daily, I had a chance to buy a $1000 worth when it was a freaking nickel, man that day is burnt into my memory for ever, just like I had an inside info in 1989 to buy Microsoft before the windows launch from a engineer right inside the Bellevue Washington complex…

    • Same here. I saw bitcoin when it was 6 pennies per coin. I thought about investing 50 bucks but never got around to it. Wish I had that moment in life back.

    • Pls listen…its really not too late guys. SOme of these tokens will still do 100x IMO. You have to really research them so, there’s so many. But the tech is game changing. The internet will never be the same after the advent of blockchain.

  4. I dont know why you just dont spend the time asking a million people to just buy 100 oz of silver each. You will see silver go out of the roof.

    • Thomas Arbec Silvers for insurance only Central planners will never allow it to shoot through the roof unless a loaf of bread does the same

    • Industry and Manufacturing ReliOn price suppression otherwise imagine the cost of consumer goods that possesses silver? Besides overall they need to suppress silver and gold keep stability of the currencies and to keep confidence in the Fiat paper, that shouldn’t be your concern and that shouldn’t be the reason why you have silver Silver’s your insurance and that’s all, you have it put away and forget about it peace of mind if you thinking about sober everyday then you failed to understand it’s true purpose peace of mind.

  5. bla,bla and more bla,bla,bla, that is all, cryptos people, want to make money that is where you need to put your money, you want to loose money then go into silver and gold, i been into metals for 7 years and i did not make one dollar but i lost money when i needed to sell some, were not all rich and sit on metals for 50 years….

    • Thanks to you, Rene, I don’t have to post any comment. You wrote exactly what I wanted to say. I’m stuck with silver, and have lost a lot of money in silver.

    • Same here Rene , sold a chunck and went into crypto , can buy a lot more silver , but waiting till manipulation will end , if ever happens in my lifetime

    • then you do not know what you are doing. Silver had a good run up just last year and I made 40% on silver and the mining stocks.

    • The new gold standard is just around the corner, and silver should follow as it always has! China and Russia are locked and loaded waiting for USA to announce a new gold standard…… it’s coming!!

    • Yes, paper silver floods the market and used to suppress the price, you all know that. Did you know that the physical supply of silver is drying up. Mines are closing.
      Politically, we know that North Korea has been pursuing peace and has not fired off any missiles or tested any nukes.
      Iran has threatened war/nuclear attacks. Certainly hope nothing happens, but that would push metal up.
      The economy of the U.S. is false and should crumble. That would also catapult metal, but people will be more interested in food, medical supplies and another precious metal (guns) when that happens

    • Come on do you research anything or just buy anything because someone says it’s going to go up 1000%. Do your own research, and listen to many view points, not just these guys. Prices are going ‘nowhere’ significantly until a total collapse under debt (it’s coming and will fail….history has proven every fiat currency fails 100%). And the $600-700 price ranges will be ‘post’ collapse.
      Something to research and ponder:
      1. Central banks of Russia and China buying tonnes of PM’s.
      2. The prepared few in Venezuela who previously bought PM’s are doing ok.
      3. PM’s have a long proven history as currency exchange/ store of wealth.
      4. It’s known prices are manipulated to keep the cattle class ‘us’ in stocks and cryptos etc.
      5. The Cabal want a cashless society to turn on or off your money if you rebel or misbehave, PM’s are out of their system and control.
      Etc, etc.

      So if you do your research and you’re confident…. Only put the money into it you want to ‘preserve’ and move onto other things of interest in life or researching what to do post collapse. Chao.

    • So you guys all let me know when the fundamentals have changed. Like when any country’s governments are NOT insolvent, drowning in debt. When any government leaders are NOT IMMORAL. Oh there’s going to be a serious price to pay for their murders, thefts and multiple subset treacheries. The reason you stack PMs are because you KNOW all these people are immoral criminals capable of anything. However the market will not be denied. And you’ve got to know the Russia and China governments are stacking physical metal as well. They know damn well the Anglo-American empire is damn near cooked. It’s never ending debt ceiling raising is the sign of insolvency. So, if you want to speculate in the Dow, S&P casino go ahead. But ignoring the folly of governments of the world both past and present is foolish.

  6. Mike – Let me make a comment. You are not doing yourself any favors spouting about “I hope it goes down so I can buy more” – We have all aged 100 years waiting for a sustained Silver move. Time to hope it flies today so we can all enjoy it. No point being a worn out pensioner in a Ferrari, we will all be in Rosso Corsa Wheelchairs!

    • I agree. It’s such an absurd thing to say. He’s in his 60’s and has been a PM dealer for over a decade. Will any of us even live long enough to see anything like the prices he predicted? If he doesn’t have enough by now, after all these years, he never will.

    • yup,. Think about it. Do they sell silver? Do they make money. Silver may rise, but I think it’s as people know here, it’s based on currency debasement and all that. I am not invested in silver. If you like the silver story.. Up to you whatever you want to invest in. But I like uranium stocks because they are in a bear market. I like the story. Uranium is used to make clean energy, as it’s carbon free. And right now, the spot is under the cost of production. Demand is coming from many countries as they want to cleaner air and coal and gas, solar, wind cannot compete with uranium. I am a shareholder of Energy Fuels UUUU on nyse for the long term. They are the dominant uranium producer in the u.s. This isn’t a recommendation. Invest in anything at your own risk.

      I like uranium because it’s cheap right now. I like it because of demand of nuclear builds around the world, China, India and others. They all want clean energy. Solar and wind ain’t cheap. Coal and natural gas, are not clean forms of energy for the air we breathe. I don’t get the gold and silver story. Silver is a small market I heard. Uranium is a small market also. Invest at own risk. Thanks..

  7. So why doesn´t Mike Maloney want the price of silver to stay down forever, so he can buy cheap for the rest of his life? He has to want it to go up sometime, is he telling us after all these years he hasn´t accumulated enough silver? My point is, how much is he only now planning to buy in the low $16 level that it will make a big difference in his overall average price? He mentions it´s going to the $30´s, so does it matter that much if he buys today at $17, that he misses the whole move by waiting for 75 cents cheaper at $16.25? Mike don´t make no sense in this video

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