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Registered Gold At COMEX Has Practically Vanished – Mike Maloney

While researching the current state of the gold market for an upcoming presentation, Mike Maloney came across some fascinating data – the 'Registered' gold stored in COMEX vaults has practically vanished. Mike's new presentation will be available in the coming weeks, stay tuned for details.
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30 Comments on Registered Gold At COMEX Has Practically Vanished – Mike Maloney

  1. Mr Maloney, we need your advice more than ever in this groundbraking times! I vote for much more coming videos from your channel!

  2. Its a total scam! Why do people buy these things? I cannot understand how this system hasnt collapsed already.

    • Stacker Noob UK it must be central banks buying fake gold with fake money. It makes it look like gold isn’t rising in price.

    • You are not wrong. I dream of the day when the blinkers are taken off and the market is allowed to do what it should be doing, finding fair value. Its going to be a glorious thing to witness.

  3. It’s not available for deliver because it doesn’t exist. What about the barrage of EFP’s (Exchange For Physical) from COMEX New York to London (@ LBMA)?

  4. The money masters know its all about confidence. Once that breaks (and it will) it will be impossible to get physical.

  5. Once every 10 years recession is coming…nothing can STOP the fact that Silver and Gold prices to SKYROCKET. Thanks.

    • And why exactly should people get behind Gold when its artifically scarce?
      Gold is “the” game the Elites are playing for a very long time now, and the game is rigged. There are other options.

    • Recession is not coming every interval of time these days but it is there permanently at this time . It just seems like it is gone for while only after government bail out corrupt corporates and puts money through helicopter drop into the economy and therefore inflation is so skyrocket that people would loss faith in paper currency which are printed out of thin air and therefore Mr. Mike Maloney is telling us to have some gold reserve as there is opportunity in every circumstance. There would be wealth transfer towards people who will have enough gold.

  6. The American economy has not collapse the dollar is not collapse because you are a slave America is a plantation this is Escape From New York only on a national level you are in a gulag and the gulag is supported the bankers run the gulag the insurance companies make the rules wear your seatbelt no DWI got to do this got to do that America is being isolated Trump is pissing off the whole wide world so they refuse to do business with us it doesn’t matter about guns and gold and all that other crap we can’t use it we are being isolated we are being poisoned we are being destroyed we are being sterilized by those people that you call your friends the Book of Esther describes it perfectly all of the harm was called off by the king and yet they rebelled and they destroyed every living person they did the same thing in Germany they live very comfortably for a while and then destroyed they’ve done this and every country they’ve settled which is why every country kick them out the Soviet Union kicked them out I doubt very seriously if they really did I believe the Soviet Union is still run by the same people as is China but America is going to be isolated and the rest of the world controlled this is communism the politic of these people is communism the religion of these people fake fake fake Judaism they are not Jewish for those who call themselves Jews but are not but worship the synagogue of Satan

    • uawsux Gulag. I’d forgotten about them. Gulag. Thanks, I’m going to try and read about the Book of Esther.

  7. I’ve just gone through the latest Comex data (May 24th, 2018) and the Total available stock is now 280.434 tonnes while the Eligible gold is at 271.510 tonnes and the registered gold amount has actually remained at the 2016 level provided by Mike Maloney at 8.924. It makes one even wonder if these Comex numbers are for real.

    • maneco64 I was going to say….if those numbers aren’t purely made-up! As I understand it the last tangible gold they had was in the basement of the World Trade Center when it went down… which was probably stolen and made to look like it perished in the disaster.

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