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Part 2: Mike Maloney & Patrick Byrne

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24 Comments on Part 2: Mike Maloney & Patrick Byrne

  1. We need laws in that we need arbitration, but it doesn’t have to be done through a government. Different civilizations used private arbiters throughout history. David Friedman, Milton Friedman’s son, has spoken about this in different places.

    Technically, we have an oligopoly on arbitration today. Those in charge of it have an agreed upon understanding based either on geography or grievance to determined who has the local monopoly. Occasionally, there is a dispute between things like federal and state or extradition between countries, but no real sense of competition; for example, Colorado isn’t doing anything to stop people from being prosecuted for marijuana possession in other states, and Mexico where the drinking age is eighteen doesn’t concern themselves with 20 year olds in America being prosecuted for drinking alcohol. Really, this is the same problem with the currency situation worldwide, because almost every country honors some reasonable exchange rate for every other country’s currency; however, that’s starting to crumble.

  2. I am your biggest fan mike. Ever since I came across hidden secrets of money I have been stacking my entire savings in Gold and Silver. Treating fiat currency like a hot potato.

  3. The term “wealth” has been corrupted. The origin of the word is the English word weal
    Prosperity; happiness: in weal and woe.
    The welfare of the community; the general good: the public weal.
    Wealth now connotes power in a financially run world. Money and things can create a sense of security and confused with prosperity and happiness. Security is important but not guaranteed by money and stuff as we can see the current state of wars, pollution and inequality around the world.

  4. How can we have capitalism if the people have no capital, trickle down economics is slave think!

  5. People with degrees are largely just academic they create the problem and then tell us were too stupid to understand what’s going on.

  6. The problem is who makes the money where money comes from we put government in charge and they failed, they outsource it to a private corporation and they robbed us. What’s next

  7. Government indoctrination the school system brainwashing is simply there to miseducate the population and make them controllable.

  8. I wish I could meet Mike. Such a smart man. His story is incredibly interesting about his dyslexia and education.

  9. Venezuela problems is from mericas medeling, they want the petro dollar not to fail. And want gold. You two sound lame mainstream media.

    • Donalbain C <<<<< The problem with Venezuela is they were run by Dictatorship under Socialism.

  10. Thanks for sharing this great information. Cryptocurrency will have huge part in the world very soon.

  11. Easy to blame others. Venezuela and every other modern tragedy started with the cartelization of the world designed and implemented by the not so glorious Anericans. Everything in Anerica is a Cartel, from ideas to works. Your narrative has also been cartelized. Don’t yo notice? from the land of the free to the paradise of cartels

  12. Freedom is not being “threatened” – we have NO freedom right now!

    What activity can you do that isn’t either illegal, or you have to pay the “king” (tax, licence, permit, etc.) to do it?????

  13. Thank you for educating us all Mike. You’re so well respected and appreciated and it’s always a pleasure hearing you talk. This interview with Patrick Byrne is excellent, as usual with everything you do. You have a lot of heart and it shows through your work.

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