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My Gold Was Stolen! Here’s My Story…

Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: Senior Analyst Jeff Clark knows the world of gold. Growing up in a mining family, he learned the best practices of investing in physical precious metals long ago.
So when it came time for him to store his own gold at home, he knew exactly how to go about it quietly, discreetly, and as safely as possible.
He did everything right.
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32 Comments on My Gold Was Stolen! Here’s My Story…

    • Exactly. You have a safe for show, but hide your real assets elsewhere, eg a fake pipe, bury, even place out in the open like in a coffee jar etc. Like you say, if it is not in your possession you don’t own it.

  1. You did not tell anyone that you hold it in your home, what means is this , this who brought it, or one who sold it for you… this shares information about where the gold went to.
    So prblem is not that you hold it home… problem is there where you buy this GOLD.

  2. Then you have to worry about the integrity of the people at Brinks. You can’t trust the bankers, you can’t trust the financial system. Who says you can trust the storage system? There is risk everywhere.

    • Exactly, plus the Gov knows about absolutely every vault service in the world, when the SHTF count on the Gov visiting the vaults to claim their prize. There are so many ways to hide your wealth, but it takes effort and time, which most people are just lazy and want convenience
      *The only thing that should be in a home safe is guns and ammo*

  3. Allocated storage. Base on the story of one guy who kept it in a safe in his closet.That’s the first place crooks look for valuables. BURY IT.

  4. I wonder how much Mike got Kickback for using his name to solicit sales for the vault system Mike if this is the case we expect better from you

  5. When Brinks says “Fully Insured”, does that mean complete product replacement (actual metal) or restitution in fiat currency?

  6. 1. It’s illegal to put gold/silver/USD in a safety deposit box.

    2. The guys at Brinks with the guns own your gold.

    Keep PM out of your house but there are other places to put them if you get creative!

  7. What a load of crap. Nothing more than a scare tactic.
    Not falling for it. Ya you want us to store our gold where the bankers and government can steal it.

  8. Blah blah blah fear fear.
    Blah blah blah fear fear fear.
    You are safe at my safe… even if govt seizes, power outage, financial/market collapse, and the IRS won’t know either.
    Please call: 1-800-SUC-KERS to apply today. And remember “History does not repeat itself, it rhymes” – Twain

  9. Sounds like the safe wasn’t that good,
    and your insurance is not good either.
    also with a few ounces of gold you will loose money keeping your gold with their company.
    Strange Mike you’re worried about someone in an insurance office knowing what you might have at home
    But not worried that someone else holds your gold.
    But thank for the info, you always have good info.

  10. How the hell can u advocate people to trust third party holding of your wealth?
    Why would these people be any more honest then the Banksters when SHTF??

    • Exactly the point of PM is to get away from “Third Party Counter Party Risk” sort of like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire

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