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MARKET FRAGILITY INDEX: The New Indicator That Screams BUBBLE – Mike Maloney

A funny thing happened in the middle of one of Mike Maloney's deep-research sessions recently. As you know, he just released a brand new presentation, but while analyzing the stock market he wasn't satisfied with the way most valuation measures were calculated. With all due respect to Warren Buffet, even his indicator fell short in Mike’s view. It was time for something new, something more insightful, something more accurate.

Mike’s refusal to settle for “good enough” culminated in his own metric: the Market Fragility Index. Here’s your peek into this brand new economic indicator, found in Part II of his 5-part Early Warning Report…

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23 Comments on MARKET FRAGILITY INDEX: The New Indicator That Screams BUBBLE – Mike Maloney

  1. If you’ve never shared one of my videos before…today is the day. Thank you so much for helping to spread this data, it is much appreciated. M.

    • Great information. I created a video yesterday about how much is at stake if people don’t get out of harms way now… The illusion of net worth is bound for a serious correction.

  2. Yep, Trump is a Jesuit and has a skull and bones man running the Treasury lol get ready people. First step? Get your cash out of the bank!!!

  3. The margin selling can create a cascade in the price. When it hits and triggers so many sells it pushes the price down to the next level that will sell automatically. This will greatly affect those that are Marked to Market at the end of each day.

  4. @5:39 is the good part…..I HAD to put Stop-Losses on my “unsafe money” (portion still in the market) that i was risking for gains. Just One or two more days of yesterday’s losses and I’ll feel trapped. Yesterday might be the start of the big stock market correction. Next week could be the big sell-off correction in the stock market…..if TPTB don’t come in today to buy up stock.

  5. Very clear !! I love this simple charts. You don`t even have to be a specialist to see what will happen very soon!!

  6. Excellent charts to show, and the last one especially good.
    Would there be any way to show them charts against the monetary policies at the time and the move from backed to unbacked currency.
    I think that chart would show some very interesting things about why these things are happening in the last 100 years.

  7. This video was made a few months ago so these out of balance levels are even higher now. Because of the coming midterm elections they will probably find a way to delay the big crash for now at least but it’s coming this week is the warning shot!

  8. Many things are out of whack. Look at those debt instruments and their totals are multiple times the size of GDPs too… LOL

    Stocks are but just one asset class such debts buy into! Welcome to the era of QEs.

  9. pLEASE UPGRADE YOUR BLUE TAPE TO BLACK ONE 🙂 Thanks for your videos!! You are one from few that is most influential for me when it comes to economics, information.

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