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39 Comments on Is Saving For Retirement Now Impossible? – Mike Maloney

    • Actually silver is the peoples money… Plata, argent, Argento,Dirham,Fedha, Sidabras, silwer,zilveren, silber, prata.

  1. Saving cash in order to retire at a later date, is equivalent to carrying home water from the river in a bucket with a hole in it. The reality is, when you do come to later need it, everything worth having will have certainly drained away. Cheers Mike. Andy.

  2. Mike, it is no coincidence that the word ‘crash’ is merely the word ‘cash’ with an ‘r’ added. The ‘r’ of course standing for ‘regular’. Cheers! Andy.

  3. The truth is that the fiat inflation is already making most savings and investments either negative or extremely risky

  4. Mike, in our lives we have all learned to true value of a promise. And, the hard way too. So, why on earth would anyone place their faith in a ‘promissory’ note? And especially so, with them have a 100% failure rate.

    • 12 years in a government run indoctrination camp AKA schoool, a life time of media propaganda, and the unquestionable authority of a few elitist AKA central banks and guberment. Add fluoride water and big pharma and you have a sheeple population ripe for sheer and financial slaughter.

    • Depending on how your brokerage account is set up, you can sell your ETFs in 10 seconds. I don’t think you understand what liquidity means…

    • Liquidity is exactly what makes market crashes so fast, so brutal… and such an opportunity for those with strong discipline. People see some bank go bankrupt, or a trade deal fall through, or some other event, and decide to cash out of everything. A few minutes later, they’re sitting in cash again – but multiply that by a hundred million people, and you get a massive market crash in less than an hour. Companies don’t actually change that fast, so if you’ve spotted some really solid businesses, those crashes become big opportunities. If you’re already holding great companies, those companies will still be great when stock traders panic.

      But I feel like you’ve already swallowed the “nothing financial is valuable” line whole, so disregard me if you like.

  5. 401s/403s and Roth’s are entirely wrapped up in the market. That’s why they get gutted any time it takes a dump. The middle class’ access to successful retirement strategies is dwindling RAPIDLY.

  6. Awesome Video Mike! It’s all coming undone.
    You need additional income streams. FTM helped me learn to trade too. Hope this helps someone. God Bless

  7. Jesus, id save money in the bank too if they were still give 16% interest!! Holy smokes!! …and now they act like 1% is a gift from god hahahah

  8. For the people that say “don’t put your eggs in one basket ” couldn’t be more wrong . EVERYTHING IS IN A BUBBLE . Real estate , bonds , cryptos , USD, stocks . Ect Except one thing !!! Silver . All you other fools holding any other investment you are going to feel pain in the next recession

  9. Very informative Mike. Very accurate too. Kinda like your call that the Comex was going to bust, and all the speculative shorts would unwind in silver causing the price to shoot up in the stratosphere. Oh wait it’s $14. Price of silver isn’t any higher since you said this.

  10. Mike you gave me a new insight to money which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Since india is now facing the heat is am cooking some steak for myself to enjoy,thank you Mike u r a legend.

  11. Mike your tittle is incorrect . It became impossible to save for anything when the gold standard was abolished not just now but way back then

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