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How High Can Gold & Silver Prices Go? Mike Maloney

Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: Thanks for sharing and clicking that 'Like' button. There's no way to guess precisely where gold and silver prices may go – however, we do have historical examples that can be extrapolated for today's economic climate. Join Mike Maloney as he updates the prices required for gold to account for the massive amount of base currency that is literally being printed as though it is going out of fashion. For those wondering why our videos don't appear in their subscription feed immediately – we release our clips to our free weekly email readers first, then later we publish to YouTube. Sometimes it's just hours, sometimes it's a couple of days later. This is to encourage people to join our free newsletter – because one day, we may not have YouTube to rely on. Join our free newsletter list by going to and entering your email address in the 'Get Market Alerts' box at the bottom of the page. As always, thank you for your support. M.

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71 Comments on How High Can Gold & Silver Prices Go? Mike Maloney

  1. Gold to 18,000 – impossible. Fabricated digital illusions of money to 18,000- sure, why not. Interesting how many will discount the historic, proven value of PM’s, yet embrace a clearly flawed Ponzi scheme of illuminated iPhone zeros and ones. Merely expressing the observations of a neutral observer, by the way.

    • Gold has gone from $35 to $1325 in the last century. This is a 3,800% increase. An increase to $18k is only a 1,400% increase. So, in the big scheme of things, it is not unreasonable. Especially when you consider that we generally don’t export nearly as much as we import. How is that sustainable? The petro-dollar has made this unusual situation possible. There are heaps of US dollars circulating outside of this country that could come roaring back into our economy in an instant. China and Russia are attempting to undermine the petro-dollar as we speak, which could definitely facilitate such an event.

  2. my opinion is that once the entire financial will be restructured, with the entire public/private/corporate debt liquidated, the price for gold and silver per ounce will be around $450k and $100k, respectively. why so high? you say I’m nuts? it is impossible?
    but you accept the fact that most nations are indebted with over their GDP capacity and the sum of debt now exceeds over not billions, not trillions, but quadrillions – that’s ten to the power of fifteen … where have you been?
    thank you Mike and stack, stack, stack yet again stack.

    • Yup if any type of reset like that happens it’s going to be epic chaos and destruction. Nobody wants to see or live in that. Who cares how much silver or gold you have if everything around you is terrifying.

    • vU dU The dollar will become worthless by that point. There will be no point in measuring your wealth in dollars.

    • Some people think because Precious metals will become so valuable that you’re going to easily cash in on your silver/Gold..It’s gonna be dangerous time and people will spot an eye on you.If the system crashes most people all around the world that invested and trusted on the banks will become Poor and broke by deceit,and didn’t got the time to salvage their wealth on precious metals.People rich on paper money will become poor and those with metals will be the next rich person (wealth transfer)..Remember it will be nasty and dangerous time if the paper money fails us and people witness you’re living high roller

  3. I was looking for that graph (gold price chart adjusted for inflation) in your videos for some time now…i knew i have already seen it somewhere but like i said i couldn’t find it and here it is again….its mind blowing. Ty for your hard work and education. Greetings from sLOVEnija <3

  4. I was hoping for gold to fall under $1100 to stack another 10 ounces, but I think I will order a few at $1320 (plus spot obviously) But lately, I’ve been stacking silver like a mad man, a ratio of 83:1, it’s a bargain.

  5. It comes down to time. Gold will inevitably surpass 5K, the more the dollar is debased and reduces in value the more dollars needed to purchase gold and silver. If I can capitalise on an ever debase fiat to pay out all my debt i.e. house, I will be happy.

    • Nugget’s News I’ve been watching your material and love what you do Alex and I’m so glad I’ve seen that you follow Mike’s material also!

    • About the time frame, that’s the most important thing you could ask him. It’s going to become exponential when the dollar fails but until then it’s going to ride up gradually at first. As far as when, I’m sure no one could guess that.

    • agreed. ive noticed a massive correlation between gold an other commodities. Uranium for example, uranium will out perform gold by multiples. thats what im looking at. gold isnt even close to being as cheap as uranium. worth a look this year

  6. Bill Holter states that gold will have to go to USD 10,000 minimum, for the reset to work. If the GSR drops to 50, silver would be USD 200.

    • There was a time when whole population/world’s debt surpassed 1 trillion $, might be 40-50 years ago. Now it has gone to about 100 trillion $ and there have been many depressive economic periods during this period.
      So the problem is those who created this system can save the world from a global chaos atleast for deacde or even more by economic policies.
      They can create/print more new money to pay off our debt and sell it to governments to balance the sheet but it will be more severe. Btw it will cause massive increase in the prices of goods which affect the whole world particularly poor & middle class (supposedly 80%-90%) hardworking population. The reason being the more currency is printed without backup the more worthless it becomes.

    • 8 yrs?
      Pffftt dude..please.
      It took over 100 yrs for the dollar to lose the majority of it’s purchasing power,and go from like 30$ an oz to over 1000$.The purchasing power of the dollar has gradually eroded up till now.But when the final tipping point comes it will happen at a shocking rate,like in the Weimer republic or Venezuela.Just hold PM’s until the dollar collapse and I’m betting you’ll fare much better then those holding paper dollars.

    • +richiefranklin76 I’m pretty sure he meant that it’s been that much time since he’s been collecting precious metals. That’s when they started to warn everyone to buy.

    • Next peak is in 2036. But it will start increasing / breaking out in 2022. Mike’s prediction is based on today’s available money, if the re-evaluation happens today. It’s quite impossible to estimate how large the currency supply will be in the future. Hence the disclaimer of it being a moving target. If Trump manages to default and devalue before that, we are looking at a peak in 2020-2024. With a larger probability towards the middle to end of the presidency, but that is betting on the ideal situation. Cryptos will do a nice run way before that tho.

  7. The real question should be how much currently overpriced realestate ,farmland, businesses, commercial properties, mines, and tech stocks can I buy with gold and silver when the market corrects for all the mal-investments and bubbles.

    • Ive been asking myself the same thing and I think we will have to see like Patrick said, but im projecting that when it comes to realestate and stocks that it will drop 75-90%. its will deff blow passed 50% for sure. for our sake, I hope it hits the 90%. all i know is when its all said and done our metals will be worth a whole lot and other assets will be worth little to nothing and that gives me hope for a bright future!

    • +John Tate for that scenario fed would have too jack intrest rates then we would have huge deflation but I don’t think they will do that they will maintain
      Low rates near zero and negative so iam thinking we will have hyper inflation in assets and prices will just keep going up exponentially!

  8. Cash is KING until get gets devalued by Money Printing. Da Man wants the price of Metals way down. We’ll see what happens now.

  9. Mike… I love your videos! Real world question in regards liquidating gold or silver… how would one go about selling it when they need to ?

  10. Until the Black Nobility is dealt with the real value of gold and silver will never happen. They own the federal reserve and all other central banks around the world with the exception of Iran and Syria . Thats why they want to go to war with them.

  11. I dropped out of college at 22 and used my life’s savings to buy 500 ounces of silver in December of 2015. Couple of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    • +Toomuchdebt
      One of your life’s best decisions should be more profitable as I checked the price he must have paid compared to today, I do think his 500 ounces will pay off greatly in the future

    • +Titan Boss
      Only if you bought it before August 2017… It has had a huge rise and fall between that date and today as both values are around 3800 dollars per Bitcoin… Was getting close to 20,000 by the end of 2017…
      So Bitcoin has lost almost 80% of its value from its peak in well under two years… Good luck with that

    • +Titan Boss
      If he did get Bitcoin when he got that silver he would have paid about $400 per Bitcoin!
      Even with a great rise and fall his return would be close to 10 times the principle today

  12. I told everyone I know to buy some silver and gold.. A couple of ounces of silver at least..

    Not one person has taken my advise… Even my closest friends think I’m stupid…

    • I’ve flipped a couple friends but most of mine think I’m an idiot too. Sucks that the vast majority of people need to suffer terribly for us to be right.

    • I am in the business. …and you are not alone. .the people you know look at you like you have 3 eyes when you explain things to them.

    • Tell someone how to protect their wealth and they threaten to steal from you, hahaha. Me blowing your brains out, hahaha, funny isnt it. Dont tell anyone, even when they’re starving in the streets, it’s not worth the risk.

  13. I started buying gold and silver back in 1998 I would have been set, but I ended up separated in 2006 and finalized the divorce in 2008. My ex spend us into oblivion so I had to sell it all. Now I’m loading up all I can afford. And staying single. MGTOW

    • For anyone reading this, never sell it. Go bankrupt and then divorce the dumb broad. After divorce you still have all your silver and gold. If you aren’t married now, never, ever, ever get married. No men should marry a women ever these days. If you do you are pure stupid. If you must be with someone there is no reason you have to marry. Marriage is only to benefit the woman.

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