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How Bitcoin Destroys The Economics Of Violence – Trace Mayer

"No amount of violence will solve a math problem." – Trace Mayer.
This clip is taken from an interview Mike Maloney conducted with Trace Mayer for the eighth episode of his 'Hidden Secrets Of Money' series. It is still one of Mike's all-time favorite quotes on the importance of Bitcoin, but due to time constraints it was not included in the final edit for the episode. Watch the full video here:

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62 Comments on How Bitcoin Destroys The Economics Of Violence – Trace Mayer

  1. Is their an episode 9 under production?? Can’t wait either way! Cheer Mike, Thank you for the awesome education

    • Episode 9 is pretty much done, we are working on 10 now. They will be released at the same time – it’s a double banger.

    • Mike, your video series is worth in gold, my life has changed after understanding these concepts and how they touch/wreck lives !

    • Same here. Mikes videos were worth probably more than my entire education, all I really learnt was to read and write. Nothing else of any use whatsoever . If only they’d teach it in schools.

    • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
      Thanks for bringing us the New World Order system in the form of peace and less war…, bc we apparently all hate the Old World System. You’ve been slowing heading into this direction for some time now. Are you thinking this was all spontaneous (created by the good guys) and not the GlobalElites (the bad guys). Cryptocurrency was and is being handcrafting into existence for many yrs. Click link……you already know this, I know.

      Motto from these Luciferians: Resistance is futile″-the-economist-magazine/

  2. I’ve still yet to see the value of cryptographic currencies since the source code is open source (anyone can make a new unbacked currency, therefore it is fiat), it’s backed by nothing, and it isn’t really anonymous since you have to reveal your identity to cash out or spend it.

    • Michael Schöch Gold is a rare precious metal with many basic qualities that have always and will always be valuable to humans. It doesn’t need backing because it is the backing.

    • Michael Schöch — The original value of Bitcoin was decentralization. With 3 of the largest Mining pools making more than 50% of the network, making its prime reason to exist less and less relevant everyday.

    • M1at1 1)One good wallet would have hundreds of new addresses generated per year and each transaction would not be tied to all the rest.
      2) There is no need to identify yourself to spend crypto in person, say buying a cup of coffee with it.
      3) Open source means open market. For example BTC has been open longer than all the rest and yet it’s value is still higher than any other crypto. Because value comes from supply and demand. Just because someone can clone a certain cryptocurrency code doesn’t mean they can divert demand from the source. It’s up to the market.

    • @Michael Schöch — What backs gold but not Bitcoin directly? Mmmm, where should I start?

      1. Alchemy
      2. Tangibility
      3. Circuit connectivity
      4. Jewelry
      5. Value to people who doesn’t have access to the internet.

  3. bitcoin is backed by? There seem to be some evidence to suggest US gov’t was behind bitcoin to counter the built up of gold by the east. We don’t have any gold at fort knox, for the smart ones, we should be worry about crypto.

    • Freddie Mercury I’m not going to stoop to your level, point is buy what you want to buy, but don’t make uneducated text when you haven’t even given it a chance, I more than likely own more silver and gold than you will ever have, I know it hurts to hear that others are saying that they found something else to invest in, it hurt me too, but value and wealth tends to favor the crowd, whatever people believe has value and want to trade that is where we will head, There is no government more powerful than what the mass gives them. Heck a pair of socks can be considered currency, and the mass is heading to crypto not precious metals. Government just can’t say this is what we will use, that takes time, crypto has caught them off guard, but like I said buy what you want in the end no one cares and everyone has their own mind, have a good day.

    • Block chain is simply a fancy word for a ledger. Of course it’s backed by a ledger, but that doesn’t lend it inherent value. I could write my bank account number in any ledger, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be rich.

  4. The powers in charge will never except a decentralized system.
    This can only be obtained by force 🙂

    • That is what I stated.
      It can only be obtained by force 🙂
      But don’t be naive to think that “they” will just except it.
      The existing powers have too much too lose.

    • No fiat can compete against a “gold” standard. Several countries utilize cryptos say Bitcoin people will just leave. All fiat currencies die.

    • I used to hear about rumors of an internet 2.0, which would only include gov’ts and powerful corporations. What’s to say they don’t turn off the lights, and then only the gov’ts and large corporations turn back on their internet while the working class gets thrown back to the feudal age?

    • Finn – Christine Lagarde, George Soros, and the Rockefellers LOVE CRYPTO . . wake up.

    • “The blockchain will enslave you”

      It is very easy to condemn what you don’t understand, it certainly requires no intelligent thinking!

  5. WOW….I have never hear it said in such an eloquent way. Economics of Violence YES! No amount of violence will solve a math problem!


    NEWS FLASH, human nature being what it is, man will NEVER allow a system to exist that causes the rich, powerful or evil forces in the world to give up their control of their world. They will use anything they can to hold onto their control, EVEN MATH, BITCOIN and ASYMMETRIC CRYPTOGRAPHY.

    In the end, the Economics Of Violence will prevail.

    In fact, the very threat by AC to those who are in control of the current system that they might actually lose control will virtually guarantee that they will find a way to control it. And if it takes an escalation of the Economics Of Violence to the point of global conflict that threatens us all, and the viability of civilized society itself, they will still do it. In fact, rather than reducing the threat of such global conflict, it is now guaranteed. For the first time in human history, the powerful of the world realize that if they can find a way to harness math, cryptocurrency, and asymmetric cryptography they can CONTROL THE WORLD with ABSOLUTE CONTROL.

    And no doubt, even men like Trace Mayer would vote for it because of their naive view that they would be ushering in a utopian society, a world of peace and tranquility where all men are equal and all are free. The only problem is that in order to come to that place, the powers that be must first bring us all under THEIR control. And anyone who does not submit to that control will be seen as being opposed to peace and tranquility and will have to be dealt with by any means necessary, EVEN VIOLENCE.

  7. This guy needs to read some basic economics.
    War is not profitable. If it was, private organizations would wage war, but they don’t. Only governments do.

    • Oddvar Stallemo war is profitable when you wage war to protect the reserve status of your currency, or plunder another nation’s wealth and resources

    • Yes, of course someone benefits from war. But they only do so when the taxpayers picks up the bill.

  8. There is no good in cryptos. When all cryptospace will be owned by the NWO, the bad things will started. Not be too optimistic about future. Future is dark also. Now we have a crypto illusion, but reality in the future will destroy any liberty.

  9. We already have multiple versions of fiat currency, so what if there are only a possible 20+million bitcoin and maybe only 21million of another, and another, and another? All we need to do if we run out, is to create another crypto. Who determines whether one crypto has more value than another? What if one trader doesn’t like or want the cryptos you hold? There are only two systems that actually work, a commodities bartering broker or precious metals. The former being overly complicated, still requiring payment for facilitating brokerage. For me to accept cryptos, I would have to have confidence in advance of payment, that I would be able to procure the things I needed, AND I would need to know that if I didn’t need anything that the store of value would be secure and stable for a future purchase. Cryptos would need a longer track of reliable stability following the collapse of all but the ONE that survives. By definition the remaining crypto would probably then be the only option. We are more likely to have a complete dissolution of orderly society than for all these preconditions to be in place?

  10. _”Gold and silver, and I would put Bitcoin… are not just mere commodities.”_

    Bitcoin is not a commodity at all. It has no inherent value. It has no industrial application. It is not finite because it can be duplicated (and it has) infinitely. It is a man-made digital illusion of wealth, and like all man-made currencies, it will not last. It was created out of nothing, and it’s worth nothing.

    • Joseph Duncan no it fluctuates because of simple selling and demand, and whales attempting to manipulate the market. If something is at a constant price then something is wrong. Volatility is actually a good thing, but you’ve been asleep so long, look at how they manipulate Silver and gold, when it actually should be much higher, there should be a supply and demand and if alot of people are buying and selling it should go up and down, but it isn’t. Please just go watch what Bitcoin and Litecoin are beforehand, come armed when you want to talk about a subject, you don’t own crypto or no nothing of CRYPTO, how can you speak on something you aren’t even apart of. No more hear say go and learn, that’s what THEY WANT YOU TO DO, stay docile.

    • Joseph Duncan is there the current value of federal reserve notes in it, then it has value, does gold have this same denomination of federal reserve notes, yes. One you can hold and look at and have to go through a clearing house or find someone to trade and is not a currency, the other is convenient, portable, can be transferred to anyone or anybody without a clearing house or central authority. One is based off antiquated thinking, has already been accumulated by the same banks that are siphoning from you right now, the other has caught them off guard so they are pushing the doubts you spout so they have more for themselves.

    • @N M Everything you just said is a complete lie and you should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating it to the uninformed. Crypto brokers can “clear” transactions as they pool them to be added to the blockchain, but they’re not actually cleared (and hence globally visible) until hours later. Blockchain technology itself can have applications, but like any open source code, it has no value. When you start using blockchain (or preferably something more efficient) to make transaction of real tangible commodities that have actual value, then come talk to me.

  11. I’m not sure if this guy is sniffing glue or what?? He speaks of the security of Bitcoin. But ANYTHING online CAN and WILL be hacked. There have already been several large hackings and thefts. The thieves have just been waiting for accounts large enough to make the effort worthwhile.

    Furthermore the biggest threat to anyone’s money is the USGOV (taxes out the wazoo and FATCA) and their Central Bankers (debt slavery). Having electronic money gives the ruling elite COMPLETE control over you and your families economic possessions with ONE SWITCH; it centralizes THEIR control and makes it easy for THEM.

    This guy might use University words but he speaks as a fool.

    Two words for you ladies and gents, gold and SILVER……. 🎤 DROP!!!!!

    • MR G, please educate yourself about Bitcoin. It can be stored offline. Can you hack that too?
      Btw, by definition, Bitcoin is neither a ponzi, nor a pyramid scheme. This is not up to debate. You just have to read the definitions. 😉

    • Igrrf – have plenty of education, thank you. Am very clear on the definitions, thank you! I stand by what I said it is a ponzi scheme. I am aware there are numbers and an imagined mining limit that all of you investors of BC perceive as value due to a fantasized limited supply. Fiat currencies which are not asset based are also a ponzi schemes only they have a larger base of believers because they are backed by governments and the whole worlds financial system. But the world is about to see this collapse as well. BC does have a bit of secrecy but that is in the processes of being revealed. Did you see yesterday the Amazon CEO is working on revealing BC users and their transactions? I repeat, anything that is EVER online can and will be hacked. You can store it wherever the hell you want, but it’s still electronic and can be reached through most devices and when used, it must be online. Even John Mcafee, who is far more educated on this stuff than you and me together, reiterated this, saying that “it is impossible to have online security and privacy today.” His words., not mine.

    • MR G,
      1) Definition of Ponzi scheme: “fraudulent investment operation where the operator provides fabricated reports”. Since there is no operator and no reports in BTC, it cannot be a Ponzi scheme.
      2) BTC is not anonymous; it’s pseudonymous; although you have tools to improve your anonymity, like mixers. Other cryptos, like Dash, Monero, Verge or ZCash are much more anonymous though. The thing you need to understand is that all these cryptos are open protocols, meaning that they can improve over time, and that includes anonymity.
      3) McAfee is one of the people working on unhackable solutions for cryptos, like hardware wallets. So, the argument that with BTC you can be hacked is crippled. Of course you can be hacked if you keep it online, like you can be stolen if you walk on the street with millions in your pocket. The question is why would you do that?!
      4) If you respect so much McAfee, then invest in BTC. He predicts 1 BTC will be worth between $3 million and $7 million in 2020!

  12. Mike I have come to really like and respect you, helping teach the way you do– and the genius here as usual of Trace Mayer, man, that guy is something else. Thanks MM.

  13. Nice one! What sold me on bitcoin was when an early bitcoiner was about to be absolutely brutalized in the family court by his wife, just because she wanted to sleep with other men. She just casually decided to shatter the family unit and butcher the man financially and emotionally and go on a spending spree. The man had no power in that situation so he just hopped on a plane (with his bitcoins) and went to live in Chile. That rendered the canadian family court system powerless. Sure they could seize his assets within the home and take his precious metals and all that but they couldn’t take his bitcoins. That made this technology very interesting to the Men’s rights advocates as well as to my MGTOW brothers and I. I’ve been stacking bitcoin since 2014.
    Hah, I even protected my bitcoins from myself by keeping them “elsewhere”. Since I panic sold a bunch of my bitcoins (due to vinny lingham’s fud) back in march of 2017) I don’t even trust myself. It takes a bit of work to go get em and I can only do it during business hours. Hopefully that delay will allow me to shake off the panic.

    • Vention1MGTOW
      Great story and lesson!
      I think Monero should also be on the short list of considerations. To the outside world, they can’t even see that they exist.

    • After millions of years of evolution, we have come to this. That we can’t freaking own anything tangible because our felowmen are homicidal maniacs. And the only truly asset we can have is information.

    • Vention1MGTOW
      Your a millionaire now! Congratulations 🎖 bItcoin 1LAU6Q1EDo4HX8tou7kD7ubcmF7Mfr4gsf

    • *+Eduardo Perea*
      *>Your a millionaire now! Congratulations*
      I wish!
      I’m still working overtime at my mechanic job and buying more btc every paycheck. Eventually I’ll be a millionaire and get to enjoy an early retirement but for now I’m still working class and I’m still buying.

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