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Government Makes You Poorer – What You Need To Know About Brexit (Part 2)

What I want to show here, is how government is growing at a faster rate than the general population, and how dangerous to our prosperity that is. Watch the full Brexit movie here:
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32 Comments on Government Makes You Poorer – What You Need To Know About Brexit (Part 2)

  1. There is no solution left that comes from the center of the
    people/population. Call that reforms. The cancer has grown too far. Only a
    total collapse will bring change.

    • +Mathew Bateman hehe, dont be harsh on him, he’s still learning, every
      right & wrong decision has an opportunity

    • +theyarelying2u yes yes you are right. I just wanted to make myself feel
      better by being insulting and degrading to a stranger.

    • +Mathew Bateman
      It is great….I was so happy to be wrong. In saying that I did profit well
      with my gold stocks on the day of the brexit, sold and re-bought….I know
      people that are interested in just being right….Good for you if that
      makes you happy….Being wrong made me happy in this instance and honestly
      I use the information I have to make money and prepare myself for the
      coming collapse(I also hope I am wrong about this assumption too)

    • +Stephen I agree 100%. I hope you are wrong about the collapse too, may
      heaven have mercy on us all!
      all the best to you sir!

  2. Mike – awesome as usual. Can you adjust the population for immigration over
    time? The US birth rate is not in a position to increase population (not
    sure when the last time we were above 2.1). This would show the real growth
    of government workers/citizens in true terms. I’ve always said that when
    government becomes the largest employer, it becomes self serving.

  3. You would think the government would be shrinking due to technology and
    everything getting more efficient. As we can see that’s not the case. All
    they care about is setting everything up right for themselves and not care
    for the people that put them in that position. This is a sad thing. Brexit
    the movie is a real eye-opener.

    Thanks Mike!

  4. After your last video I watched the movie, and I was kinda surprised that
    you didn’t pick out this “10,000 staff paid more than UK PM” point, but I
    guess now you did :)

  5. Hi Mike, I really enjoyed the video…very well done and full of truth. One
    thing I’d like to know is Switzerland’s number of private people that
    support how many government people? It looks as if that referendum law they
    have is the thing that causes a truly democratic government to be
    controlled properly. Perhaps the US should get that installed somehow.

  6. Everyone should watch this, I am a U.S. subject and I had the T.P.P. in the
    back of my mind the whole time I watched this. Yes I know am calling myself
    a subject because that is the way we are treated now.

    • It is literally the realization of Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom!” and it seems
      the dullard masses are more than willing to re-apply the shackles of
      slavery and whips of tyranny on themselves. A sad era appears to be poised
      over humanity and the “awake” can only look on in horror!

  7. Please do a Bitcoin video. The rice is about to jump AGAIN because of the
    upcoming Bitcoin Halving in July. #HalvingHype All people of the world From
    England to the USA to Japan and China need to get into Bitcoin now so they
    don’t have to worry about all this central bank BS and bureaucratic EU time

  8. we’ve never really talked about our nation like we’re part of Europe
    because we’re an island and we’ve kept our own currency… my only issue is
    a tory government not being accountable to anyone… we will have civil
    unrest if they get thier own way all the way..

  9. All you Brits get out while you still can! Don’t end up like Greece, Italy,
    Portugal, and Spain! The heavy hand of un-elected government is going to
    turn you back into serfs the same as you were before the Magna Carta! If
    your Parliament sells you out kill them all and point your guns at Europe’s
    fascism once again! Don’t let the Union Jack fall!

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