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Gold & Silver 2019: One Last Dip? & How To Get Educated On Crypto Assets Like EOS and Hashgraph

Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: This is Part 2 of last week's video, initially sent out to Insiders only. We've seen quite a demand for info on where to get started with crypto assets, so the decision was made to release this Insider video publicly. M, Mike points out that crypto is such a complex and fast-paced area that it is almost impossible to keep up with. Mike has a solid grounding in the fundamentals of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (as evidenced by Episode 8 of Hidden Secrets Of Money), but when it comes to the wild fluctuations of the crypto markets – you need to educate yourself. Mike does give a recommendation of a blockchain teacher who is not full of the usual crypto hype and has an Austrian economic viewpoint, Chris Coney of

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49 Comments on Gold & Silver 2019: One Last Dip? & How To Get Educated On Crypto Assets Like EOS and Hashgraph

  1. EOS? LOL! Its the most centralised scam in the crypto space. Stay clear of this project. Love your work, thanks for all the info!

    • Decentralization is not a goal, it’s a means to an end. You guys say BTC or ETH is the ultimate crypto by telling other people it’s the most decentralized crypto. But in truth, you’re just saying that to convince other people to join. When you’re given the info on when to sell, like what they do in BTC among billionaires and big miners, you’ll see yourself selling like any manipulator there is.

      You tell people decentralization is the answer but it’s not. It’s not black or white. Blockchain is much more complex than you think. It has several aspects. There’s politics, governance, business, etc. It has trade-offs. EOS looks into those things in detail.

      Meanwhile, you guys are stuck with simple PoW systems that are easily gamed. There’s no scenario here where you guys will just wait until crypto wins against fiat then you can move on. A lot of things will happen that are much better achieved (e.g. personal wealth, community growth, ecosystem growth) cos they are likely to happen in the future than just decentralization of entire humanity. Stop your decentralization propaganda, you’re just hurting your fellow PoW enthusiasts by making them believe and then eventually dumping your BTC.

      Or if you want to you can just accept the fact that decentralization is just a way to make other people buy into BTC and then actually dumping your BTC at the top. This is what we refer to as a “means to an end”. You use this as a means for other goals like wealth creation.

    • it is also made by convinced pedophiles. who also are in bed with bitfenex which it with teather and everyone now those are criminal.

    • For those that think decentralization is some BS why do you think the top internet companies have became GOOGLE, AMAZON, FACEBOOK, ETC… I understand these companies are centralized but they are the most decentralized within the last revolution being the internet.. I’m not saying some centralized coins won’t make it.. I’m simply saying they will not likely be worth near as much as the decentralized ones. I invest with an educated mind not an emotional one.

    • Same HERE!  But to protect your ASSETS you can STOP the CRIMINAL MANIPULATION of PMs and Financial Markets by Govt. and the Corporations by returning their MAIL, Addressee not recognized, No contract. This makes it ILLEGAL for them to act CRIMINALLY

    • Everyone is waiting for silver to rise. The premium on junk silver has just reached reasonability, and I’m not done yet so just wait a little longer. When the market finally does crash it will take everything with it. Nothing is going anywhere until that point.

  2. Every time you post a video it’s like Christmas. We appreciate your legendary work Mr. Maloney. God bless you.

    • Christmas presents come in many forms, one of which is TRUTH!  Govt. and Corporations are DEAD ENTITIES that hold you in a grip by a LEGAL AGREEMENT. They did NOT tell you that this replaces your CONSTITUTION and waives COMMON LAW PROTECTION. CANCEL IT, by returning their MAIL, Addressee Not Recognized, No contract

  3. I only bought some of the top 20 coins that are below 40 – 50c but not bitcoins and their forks. Nobody knows what crypto will do, but good chances are that most of the top 20 are going to survive and go up to silly amounts. All of these alt coins automatically go up when bitcoin goes up anyways. Buying the cheap ones is more profitable if bitcoin starts going through the roof again. But eos and cardano, xrp seem to get a lot of good reviews.

  4. Met you back in 2006 in NYC during a Real Estate Event along with Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump and began to purchase gold and silver ever since. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge Mike.

    • Thank you Emanuel, that’s great to hear. A lot of people think I’ve only been around since doing Hidden Secrets of Money – they don’t realize that I told a whole bunch of real estate investors that they were in a hyper bubble in 2005 etc.

    • +GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) John Edmonds, jp motgans gold market spoofer was supposed to be sentenced Dec 19th? However I can’t find one news article on or around that date. Any knowledge on subject?

  5. Mike……. you have the most calming and amazing vocals on YouTube without even consideration of your compelling beneficial advices.

    • brown nose much? he tickled your ears enough? Think this info means you can buy the mrs some more vegemite or a trip to bali? Think again weasel.

  6. EOS and Hashgraph are certainly the equivalent of gambling. Every alt coin out there, except Bitcoin, has a central cabal who control the coin and they have pre printed enourmous amounts of the token that they can dump anytime they want. If it’s a proof of stake coin, the insiders can stake their giant mountain of tokens and force any change they want into the softwhere, adding more coins and such, and there isn’t anything anyone can do because the insiders have all the power. With Bitcoin however, the creator has exited and hasn’t been heard from for years (except for an obvious faker who insists he is the creator. He’s a real piece of work). Anyway, these insiders are known and can be found and arrested anytime government wishes. I remember hearing about how the feds kicked in the door at the liberty dollar, seized all the gold, and arrested the developers. They can do the same thing to any of these alt coins. With Bitcoin though, the core developers don’t have nearly as much power as the core teams of these alt coins. If the core developers decided to increase the supply of bitcoins to more than 21 million, or print themselves a bunch of tokens for themselves, the Miners and the Full node operators would refuse to adopt the software and the change wouldn’t happen since power is shared by the core developers, the miners and the full node operators. That makes Bitcoin the most rock solid and stable of all crypto. That’s why it’s number one.

    And now that rock solid foundation is being built upon and used to secure other much faster and much cheaper networks that use bitcoin as their bedrock. The lightning network is expanding massively every month and it’s speed and capacity will soon exceed Visa and mastercard combined. And the fees are so cheap that it’s practical for a guy in Inda or Venezuela to buy a single mango from a fruit stand, using Bitcoin.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve added to the silver I’ve had since 2008 and my metals are sitting where they sit, covered in dust, but they are waiting for the day when they are needed. Silver is awesome insurance and a great emergency fund. I’m lucky in that my state doesn’t charge sales tax on silver.

    • VentionMGTOW Does the centralisation of Bitcoin concern you regards mining and node distribution? I see that as one of the main issues moving forward, mining isn’t available to domestic users and there is virtually no incentive to run a node for the average person. I agree that Bitcoin is the only ‘’faceless’’ therefore truly decentralised currency though.

    • VentionMGTOW that’s completely inaccurate. there are many blockchains out there with no premine, all created coins came from electric costs and equipment cost. I agree to stay away from tokens that were created from nothing.

    • VentionMGTOW I’m sure Mike realizes that BTC can hit 1 trillion market cap. There are dozens of markets in the world which are greater than 1 trillion. Hell; a glorified phone company hit 1 trillion. Than investors fled because cash was yielding twice as much as Apple dividends and the 10 year was yielding 3x as much.

      My point is that $1 trillion is nothing because the real circulating supply is only 13 million coins. When we hit 15 million coins and a price of $70,000 a coin…. yes that’s where we are going, and higher. When they force everyone onto some FEDERAL RESERVE CRYPTO NOTE…

  7. Avoid the wealth draining digital illusions.they will all go to 0 when the U.N. backed carbon tax digital EARTH DOLLAR comes online!

    • +gino11ish have you looked up the earth dollar. They talk about deducting credits or tokens according to how many times you open refrigerator or flush the toilet.

    • +Patient Trader the masses will never accept open source basement cryptos ,they will only accept the government backed crypto the fed has laid out on their website to be implemented by 2020.i could be wrong. I will keep my tangible assets,everyone else can trust electrical signals if they feel comfortable with that.puerto Rico being dark for a year keeps me weary of digits on screens.

    • That’s y Mike says it’s casino money. If the ponzi works and u get out in time u make money. I’m interested in wealth preservation not gambling! Good luck to anyone in cryptos.just not for me.

  8. Thank you so much, for the great content. It is thanks to your guidance and advice that I will be able to ride the wave, because you taught me how to surf.

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

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