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Gold Alert: Central Bank Increases Reserves By 1000% – Mike Maloney

Get Mike's book for free here: Join Michael Maloney as he analyzes the recent stunning news from the Hungarian Central Bank – an absolutely massive shift in their gold reserves. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike's bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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62 Comments on Gold Alert: Central Bank Increases Reserves By 1000% – Mike Maloney

  1. They should have bought silver instead. The big banks will more than likely undercut the countries that buy gold buy switching to silver as a way to back reserves.

    • +Eric I guess what I am saying people should realize YES Silver is greatly undervalued….and you should be buying both Silver and Gold….

      My personal opinion is since the minning ratio is ~17 to 1 Silver to Gold….then 12 to 1 ratio or maybe 15 to 1 is what people should buy their silver and gold at….. Meaning the other ounces of Silver that are mined are used for Industry and Medical uses….

      This isn’t a get rich quick program Mike is telling about….it’s the understanding that Gold and Silver will be used in place of paper currencies and credit cards someday again.

    • Madog Llewellyn I have heard of a new energy that would use silver. Silver is way undervalued I have been holding a long time waiting for the manipulation to end.

    • Silver is undervalued IMO. I believe it will shoot up to $30/oz before the New Year. And by this time next year it honestly could be as high as $40-80oz. It’s so low right now that even going up to $25/oz would make me happier than a pig in crap. It can’t go any lower than it current is. But if it did somehow go below $14/oz I would honestly put almost all my remaining investments into silver.

    • +Madog Llewellyn recovered mostly from copper mining…spot just doesn’t cover the cost of operating a dedicated silver mine.

    • Hi, arvind zade – How did this custom begin? Who participates? Is it the biggest day for such activity or are there other occasions? Thanks. (It sounds like a great tradition!)

    • +Sticks-of-TNT Normal Indians have never trusted the kings(historically) and governments(currently). That’s why when farmers sell their crops… Some of the currency goes into gold or silver…

    • +arvind zade I would say that lack of trust is understandable. Interesting info. Thank you for your reply and have an enjoyable evening.

  2. The signs are all around us and they’re appearing more and more. Anyone still in denial is willfully so and cannot be helped. They will blame anyone but themselves after it’s too late.

    • John Wick’s pencil And I am afraid, that they will take away PM‘s from the prepared ones to keep the show going somehow.

    • What’s sad is most people don’t even know this is going on . And when shtf those same people will beg for the gov to do something not knowing that the gov and central bank itself are the problems . You should look at how dumb people felt when they gave all ther trust on gov in Venezuela . Majority voted socialist .

  3. Hungary is doing it right! Told the EU-
    NO refugees
    Leave us alone
    Large Gold Reserves
    Ronald Reagan statue in Budapest
    Appreciate Freedom because they have seen the opposite!!

  4. Poland will never repatriate its gold, they are still afraid of Russia and Germany, which could invade them…not joking. That’s why Poland wants to build FORT TRUMP!!

  5. Hey mike plz also explain the difference between the real gold and virtual gold coz 80% of gold which is currently trading in the markets even doesn’t exist and that’s a very serious issue and people are not aware of this

    • He always says about that never buy paper gold because it is just like govt fiat currency to which govt can anytime deny to pay back in crisis. People also keep gold in foreign banks to keep it safe from own government. Paper gold has kept the price of physical gold too low.

  6. your channel ought to have millions of subscribers. great content, especially the hidden secrets of money series.
    looking forward to see whats next beyond cryptos. wish I could have my superannuation in Australia invested in Gold / Silver but we are forced to have 9.5% paid into these funds. the self managed funds are a nightmare to administrate and be compliant.

    • Thank you. If more people shared the videos we’d be there quickly, but things are trucking along ok. When people start to really feel the pain, they’ll come looking for answers and hopefully find our channel.

    • +GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) : by then it’ll be too late Mike . They won’t be looking for answers but be looking for food to eat .

    • An SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) is well worth setting up and taking the time to operate. You can do what YOU want and not what the Super Fund does. History shows government meddling or even confiscation of public superannuation.

    • Guys btc is mother of crypto currencies, keep in mind all crypto you can buy with btc and that won’t change 😉

    • +Germanas Taube you are lacking some info. Look at and these are just the beginning of fully BCH based exchanges. More are coming

    • Gold…. check. Silver…. check. Bcash…. nope. Roger Ver and Jihan Wu created bcash after bitcoin developers refused to raise the blocksize limit for fears of centralizing node ownership and compromising the security of the network. Research the origins of bcash and the current list of developers and then compare that to bitcoin.

  7. I look forward to shaking your hand (or all out hug!) someday. I can’t thank you enough-but what I do do is share your videos with my family. I was recently on vacation visiting family and we all watched the first 4 parts of that video series on money. We were all floored and when you know truth, you know truth brother. I hope to accumulate much silver and many Litecoin (and eventually hashgraph – is there a way to purchase hashgraph yet?)

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