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End Of The Global Real Estate Boom – Australia Braces For Impact

Link to the video Mike mentions: Is this it? Is this the top of the real estate bubble? Mike Maloney thinks so, and the signs are everywhere.
New York, Sydney, Toronto, London, Los Angeles…the world over, signs of real estate market excess and its resultant stress are emerging.
In the Australian real estate market alone, $1.7 trillion in interest-only subprime loans have allowed a nation of borrowers to “buy” houses well beyond their means. Over the next 4 years, $500B-worth of these ticking time bombs come due, and are set to trigger a wave of defaults.
This is just one example of the crazy eye-popping madness that has come to permeate world real estate markets. Join Mike as he explores what may well be the beginning of the end for the largest real estate bubble of all time.
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48 Comments on End Of The Global Real Estate Boom – Australia Braces For Impact

  1. Full positioned mike for the upcoming event.Also going to add crypto ethereum to porfolio for the first time to the extent of 1% of net worth.

    • Don’t buy ethereum. There are many better options. Do your research.

      ADA/IOTA/BTC are good solid projects. Also OmiseGo and Ripple

  2. Its crazy how obvious it is yet so many people are blind to it. They are living beyond their means with these low stagnant interest rates too.

  3. I don’t care how much it costs at Walmart. The traitors love China. We must bring those commie bastards to their knees.

  4. I live in London England , people think property prices will keep rising ?? Unknowingly not knowing that’s where all the inflation of money been pouring into for years.all around the world. The bubble is popping within 3 years

  5. These guys come up with charts everytime there is a brief decline in the stock market. I am Following this channel from past 4 years and still waiting for crash to come. They themselves to have no clue . If you keep saying the same stuff for years one day it will come true. Always take advice of such people with lots of salt.

    • It keeps getting delayed because they keep blowing air into the bubble making it even bigger.
      I know i’d prefer to be 2 – 4 years early rather than 1 day late….

    • Still, you could’ve been passing over many life-changing investment opportunities within those 2-4 years, living out of fear. They could keep blowing air for the next decade, who knows how much this balloon can take ?

    • +On a Silver Platter yes that’s the point. They create fear, that’s what I don’t like.if you are not sure about something then just shut-up.

  6. Australia has side stepped most global recessions over the last 45 years. Hence the 45 year property bubble. This is because Australia’s economy is underpinned by Asian demand for Australian exported food & industrial resources. This has been great while the northern hemisphere’s central banks typical response to a downturn has been the globalization mantra of print currency, inject that into stocks, capital raise off the bounce, use that capital to off shore manufacturing & services into cheaper Asian labor markets, & repeat this process as long as the law of diminishing returns still leaves some growth to come back to after each recession. The thing is the trend toward protectionism has started, signaling that a growth rate sufficient to cover the cost of risk is not expected to return after the next recession with the current globalization model of economics. Where this leaves Australia is beyond most Aussies comprehension. All of it’s value added industries have left it’s shores, while it’s politicians are still wedded to the now dying Keynesian model of hyperglobalization. All the while it’s boomer generation counts it’s worth in current market valuations in their stock & property portfolios hoping to sell it at a profit to broke millennials & gen x’ers sitting on little more than 20% of the nations wealth base. I can’t imagine a more perfect storm. Perhaps even a trigger. Going to be tough few decades down under.

  7. I value everything you say mike, it’s just that I’ve been hearing this for like 3 years now from all over the Internet. Maybe if I’m capitulating then it’s finally going to happen?

  8. Mike Maloney is a very persuasive speaker with regards to the impending financial crisis. He granted my man, Jeff Berwick, an interview and I was impressed with his knowledge of monetary history. Scary. And he said in one of his videos that he had a learning challenge…hard to tell. Smart dude, ‘sho ’nuff. I’ve always wanted to get into precious metals and I have a position in a gold ETF. But I’m pivoting some of my money into this man’s exchange very soon to actually get some physical gold in hand. And I’ve watched his docu-series on money and he has it all covered. I HOPE he does a presentation in Philadelphia, I’m bringing my daughter to hear this man and shake his hand. Very informative dude.

    • Derrick, get OUT of ETF’s! If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. Get your metals in your posession. Not a safety deposit box either. Bury it and tell no one.

    • Thank you. And when I saw Mr. Maloney’s presentation, I’m getting this funny feeling in my stomach about my stock position. The “bury” and be quiet thing is precisely what I’m doing when I get physical gold from Mr. Maloney’s exchange.

    • Thank you for the comment Derrick, glad you enjoyed the conversation with Jeff. Re the ETFs – please watch this video: I have quite a few videos on my channel regarding the ETFs, watch them all. No plans on speaking in Philadelphia at this stage, but you never know. We’d be honored to have the chance to be your dealer at , welcome.

    • The rising property values reflect the loss of purchasing power. It all comes back to worthless money, same as always. Someday maybe the constitution will matter again but most Americans are slavebots and are clueless.

    • Speaking on the Constitution….”it’s just a god-damned piece of paper”(direct quote from President George W. Bush).

  9. I read charts all day long. I have been advising, major property owners(people with lots of real estate) to at least think about getting rid of some of their less attractive real estate. I.E. Find a sucker to sell to at the top of the market. I’ve seen people already pulling money out in anticipation of what is coming. It’s 5 miles high, moving at mach 5 to me.

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