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Does Gold’s Breakout Mean Silver Is On The Launchpad? Three… Two… One…

Gold and silver prices continue to push higher. They’re starting to get some attention from the mainstream, too. A new uptrend in gold is clearly underway, but silver’s performance has so far trailed gold’s.
Let’s take a look at the price behavior over the past six-plus years of both metals to see if we can gain any insights about silver.
I plotted the annual trading range of the gold price since 2013, when most traders indicate the bear market in precious metals began. I also listed the dollar amount of change between the high and low each year.
Notice how the range has shifted higher this year.
Gold’s trading range has shifted markedly higher in 2019. Not only has the price broken above the flat range of the prior three years, you’ll also notice a series of higher lows, a very bullish indicator.
This insight is perhaps more valuable than a simple line on a chart, because it shows that gold’s full price range — both the highs and lows — is trading higher.
The current surge will undoubtedly take a breather at some point, but this big-picture view clearly shows a decisive shift in momentum, one that portends higher and higher prices.
This shift, however, has not yet taken place with silver.
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57 Comments on Does Gold’s Breakout Mean Silver Is On The Launchpad? Three… Two… One…

    • Gold in gram, Platinum in kilo, Silver in tons – I agree. BUT there are people talking about “there will be no offer for fiat”(one day). Do you expect that “inside the trader and storer” will be always bid/ask?

    • Thank you so much Mike. I greatly apricate you, your time, your effort. All the work you do to provide people very valuable information. And you do it with a remarkable amount class and humility. Thanks again.

    • Yup, I guess that it is the most important here : our war to end currencies scam, our war to teach other sleeping guys how to wake up, would it be the hard way.

    • @Bluecollarscholar look at how many US dollars were printed after 2008 crisis. Metals are far cheaper now than in the 1990s. Hyperinflation should have already happened in USA…

    • An oz of gold is always an oz. It’s not that the price of gold shot up, it’s that the value of the dollar decreased. Gold is a hedge against inflation.

  1. Your missing one big point looking at historical data. IT DOESNT MATTER. If we have learned anything the last 20 years is that up is down. And down is down. And up is up. And left is up. None of it makes sense cause the markets are manipulated. And nobody knows the real value

    • Who are the boneheads who gave Mr. Maloney a thumbs down? Really? My guess is it had to be some ButtCorn crypto currency fans. BTC is fiat with a fixed limit…..still fiat.

  2. Awesome video. ….tons!?! Lol, good job. Hey, can you use a bigger curser, or one in a different color? I had a hard time following sometimes.

    • @John Wick’s pencil As long as the internet is up its all good. Can you imagine all other industries just letting the power grid and intent get stay down for long?

    • Greg Rickard
      It’s not really about letting it fail as if it’s an option, it’s about when the choice is removed from the realm of possibility.

    • If you compare the gold cyclical bull chart from the 1970s with the bitcoin cyclical chart from 2009 until today they are eerily similar

  3. Damn, SOOOO FAST, Gold over $1500 already. Glad I bought some at $1300 just 2-3 months ago. Should have bought some more. 🙂

  4. Who could give this a thumbs down? No recommendation just history of fact and Mike telling you what he is doing and letting you make your own educated decision!

    • Mike is a fan of BTC.. i think its just stock traders and people alike who are pissed they cant catch a break. I sold my gold and made money compared to what i bought it for but if i could have all my gold back i would take it.. dont know why i sold

    • I have BTC and as it rises, I shave off bits of it to buy silver. Otherwise it’s just part of my emergency cash funds, should I need it

  5. Get excited when silver goes over $40 an ounce and gold surpasses $1850 an ounce!Still sceptical!🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  6. Good job MIke, Always good to hear a level headed, practical discussion surrounding precious metals. Lets not forget that margin requirements are the real leash on these prices. The last crash from $50 came on the heels of 5 margin requirement increases in 4 days.

  7. Great video, in depth, and reaffirms strategies that I’ve been employing with success. Very well done👍

  8. Australia looking at introducing ban on cash purchases over $10,000, gearing up for negative interest rates.

  9. Love this video! I do however think it’s a bit misleading not using a total return index (including dividends) when comparing to the S&P 500. Is there a reason for this?

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