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Woman Arrested For Not Holding Escalator Handrail

A Montreal police officer GOT OUT OF HAND when a woman ignored his request! #PeakStatism

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34 Comments on Woman Arrested For Not Holding Escalator Handrail

  1. That’s all she got for such a horrific crime? She should have at least been beaten with a rubber hose! Obviously I’m being sarcastic but I believe that a new revolution is long overdue!

    • Gold & Oil I’m getting some for my kids before that happens. I can’t trust that they’ll be able to by the time they’re of age to buy them and I want them to have their own protection

  2. The scariest and most dangerous cops (and soldiers) to real US citizens’ sovereignty and freedom, are these 1-generation guys from other countries like Fabio Camacho here. They have no clue what the American heritage means and is of “freedoms” and our rights to total independence. These are the order-following foreigners now wearing US uniforms of authority and they will literally do anything their superior globalist bosses tell them to…including incarcerating and even one day, shooting US patriots.

    • Spot on. Just like Roman eventually became depended on barbarians to man its legions and workforce…. this too is happening in the West… Why would the outcome be any different than Rome’s.

  3. When this non sense starts Ina place of influence, the same starts happening elsewhere. I really thought this was in NYC, but it’s in Canada. So, the same non sense everywhere. The prisons are private now, GOv officials have interest in putting as manny as possible in prison so they are paid by tax payers, and the prison’s profit… you get the point. The police officer have pressure now to arrest people. No arrest, means they are not doing a good job, which is completely the opposite of China. In China the more you arrest, it means you are not doing a good job in the community and disorder is growing.

  4. Seriously….What Baffoonery! These So Called “Authorities” Think they Have Power but the Truth is…We The People Can & Will Take it All Away from them.

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