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24 Comments on Will The USSA Government Outlaw Cryptocurrency

  1. Instantly when they could look there are a lot smart people joining this game everyday and if they outlaw bitcoin then someone will make something even more private more secure and more decentralized then bitcoin ever was….

  2. The best part about Mnuchin saying USDs are not used for crime or laundering is that he said it with a straight face!! LOL

  3. Jeff check out bitcoin satellite nodes, these could be powered with off grid solar energy 17:20
    Combined with the Gotenna mesh you can pretty much transact anywhere

  4. Awesome info bro. I love your relaxed demeanour and sense of calm over the whole question of ban or not to ban. The people are indeed winning. And, yes, there is a HUGE spiritual undertone to all of this. With love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, UK 🇬🇧 🙏

  5. Great casual video. love your sentiments of speaking the truth. Yes, I agree more and more people are waking up. by the way, am looking to leave Australia to pursue my artistic and video courier If there are any openings in the video field in the crypto space would love to be involved. just thought I’d put it out there. I believe in right time right place. here is my web site with all my credentials just in case. Thanks for always putting out great material.

  6. Love your work Jeff. Be like Jeff drop, truth bombs that change lives, don’t drop real bombs that destroy lives.

  7. Mnuchin sentence was a word trick…
    United States dollar HAS NOT been used nefariously, is a true statement bc everyone has been using the Federal Reserve dollar, which HAS BEEN used that way.
    Nevertheless, real freedom should involve the freedom to utilize cryptocurrency. You gotta wonder what the USA is worried about, ppl still buy gold, silver, still invest in stocks.
    Currency independence for any investor is a good thing, just leave BTC alone.

  8. It won’t be outlawed. Too much money to be made in taxes from capital gains– which is the life blood of the military. With that kind of opportunity so accessible the US government doesn’t have to lift a finger other than to sign it into law. Who could pass that up?

  9. The government can try like anything else that the government bans and prohibits. like drugs are still widely available crypto can’t be stopped and I love it 😁

  10. Thanks for sharing Jeff, you are awesome. Government = mind control. Isaiah 9:6. Woulda been great if you’d worn a “Don’t tase me, Bro!” T-shirt for this vid.

  11. I love these informative rants of yours
    I think they are secretly trying to push people to libra, to steal the money of the less informed people
    Anyone who does a little bit of research knows libra is a fake centralized crypto
    What’s your opinion about that
    It’s just propaganda as far as I’m concerned

  12. We are just fine, and we always have Silver, Gold, and Cryptocurrencies. They have stocks and Treasury Bonds!

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