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Why Taxation Is Theft And How It Became That Way

Why Taxation Is Theft And How It Became That Way

Jeff Berwick walk and talk from Milan, Italy. Taxation has been stealthily imposed at an ever growing rate and it is astounding so few people are aware of the profound enslavement that entails.

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36 Comments on Why Taxation Is Theft And How It Became That Way

  1. Here in belgium they put higher taxes on alcohol, than they lost millions instead of gaining cause people bought more in luxemburg and netherlands. Now they taxed all sugar drinks higher than normally the 21 procent and even the one with sweeteners in…and the show goes on

    • The creature from Jekyll island book is about the rich bankers fomenting a plot to destroy America’s currency in 1910 …then the sinking of the titanic 1912 to get rid of the opposition and then in 1913 the federal reserve came into existence is how our financial problems began

    • @Doug Hendrickson the year after that the insane blood ritual of world war 1 was started with many million deaths financed by the printing press of the fed.

    • magnus4g63 , I totally agree with these 3, although I suspect you like many others will stop at the Mother, The Globe Lie, no they wouldn’t lie to me about that, the Scientists and Space Agencies are spot on with their observations.. Flat Earth is not a Psyop it Destroys all Psyops including the 3 you mentioned.. I hope I am wrong about you.. Peace

    • Ok, Jeffie. So how do we coordinate, so everyone stops paying taxes at the same time? If I stop paying taxes, they’ll do wage garnishment, or go after my house. So the only way it would work, is if everyone stops paying taxes all at the same time.

    • @Flat Swiss I do not care about the shape of the earth, i care only for freedom and how many people know what that is.

  2. They teach kids to be employees most of stuff they learn in school is worthless to kids in Ireland same as anywhere be an employee I’m sick of being employee

    • Hello from Dublin.
      There is no % in being an employee.. Become self employed by working online or do trading online.
      Many ways to make money,
      Employee is a mugs game.

  3. The politician attempts to remedy the evil by increasing the very thing that caused the evil in the first place: legal plunder.

    Frédéric Bastiat

  4. Satan is the god of this world. And as long as Satan is the god of this world there will always be “Government.”

  5. Funny how the well the people on the street calling themselves anarchists have been deceived by govern mente. They serve as tools to make others believe anarchism would be something stupid without brain instead of ‘without govern mente’.

  6. All arguments against anarchism indicate that people actually wanna b blind and just sheep living passively.

    • All the layers of lies, be stold upon us.get it be stold as in to currently being ripped off. Look at Mexico some villages kicked out corrupt police, and as a village self govern themselves. No more drug cartels murders. No mere trafficking of drugs nor people. Maybe our culture should try this.

  7. *Isn’t theft wrong?* _I hear people that steal usually get kidnapped or murdered by blue costumed thugs…_

    If you have a criminal gang that can legally take out their competition, you have what’s called _government._

  8. The system is designed to promote the idea of ‘too big to fail and too small to succeed’. For there to be certain winners there must also be certain losers. Within this rigged game some big fish have immunity from failing ie corporate welfare subsidies and bail out after bail out. Opportunities are controlled and monopolized. Resources and wealth are centralized by everyone who gives the hamster wheel its momentum through their consent and actions and behaviors. Also social welfare is peanuts when compared to corporate welfare and the money spent on wars and all the other meaningless crap that keeps the hamster wheel spinning.

  9. I love Jeff but i had to laugh, hes telling us about how daft the public are for cheering Katniss then leaving cinema and cheering the bad guys cause theyre morons “its incredible how they do it, its almost like they have other dimension help” early in the vid he said the people doing this are all Satanists!!!! well Satan is a fallen angel he is other dimensional. Why doesnt he get that they DO have other dimensional help SATAN its so simple lol

      Most people care not what you call it, it’s the income that counts and the average person can count on having 30-50% less of it for working same hours,

    • Extortion is a form of theft. It’s like saying. Claiming “it’s not theft, it’s extortion” is like saying “This car isn’t colored, it’s blue!”.

      It’s both and the same. A tax is a protection racket that is extortion that is theft.

  10. If everyone stopped paying taxes, the government would send out goons to smash up the roads to show “how much we need them”. This is how governments work.

  11. We have been programmed to believe its ok but its no different from the gunmen who threaten to kill you unless you pay extortion money to them.

    • Yeah but you have to have an account with a minimum of €500,000 to live there. This is the system working class and middle class pay the highest taxes. I’m no socialist but this is a system that particularly screws the poor by taxing their lousy pay and letting the ultra rich enjoy the fruits of a tax free life

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