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Wealth Preservation in the Age of Socialist Insecurity – Jeff Berwick on StockPulse

Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Chris Marcus on Inside The Markets to talk about Trump's criticism of the Fed, what most in the financial world are missing, and whether a financial reset may already be planned.

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Topics include: Trump not an outsider, a string of broken promises, refilling the swamp, Trump merely a pawn, stock market instability, US government debt, hyperinflation, the role of cryptocurrencies, socialist insecurity, interest rates, central banks, market manipulation, a collapse of biblical proportions, safeguarding your wealth and assets, avoid bonds, stocks precarious, collapse a mathematical certainty, The Dollar Vigilante Internationalization and Investment Summit 2019

39 Comments on Wealth Preservation in the Age of Socialist Insecurity – Jeff Berwick on StockPulse

    • Current US budget is 3.8 trillion. Cutting 5% only removes 190 billion. And actually that would mean them cutting entitlements as well which will not happen.

    • After doubling tye budget wow 5% off a couple sections
      U realize that’s pathetic right?

      I’m gonna add 100 pounds to a bucket bit then remove 5

    • VERY true… America is Forked, any way you look at it. And, as much as I love listening to Jeff, some of his talking points are “off” in this video.

    • Cryptoveristy, you’re roght ! 99% of you don’t think !

      Only Ron Paul 1% have brains !

    • @VerticalFreedom Don’t be so silly, it’s my business to know all of the crypto space….and Ripple. I have been in crypto since 2010 and run a blockchain business. The insane part is the noob-level of ignorance you are displaying by even mentioning Ripple. Sure it has support, but so does fake money ; there is no shortage of idiots to be lined up for the next scam. Enjoy your pump and dump; ride that bronco up 500% down 400% (repeat)

  1. I saw that look for, 4DECADES and finally, broke frrreee. Mind over matter is what saves the warriors from all lifes trials. bueno suerte, mi hermano.

  2. Your still pushing that fake quote
    Trump never said that republican fool people thing.. doesn’t mean I like the guy
    But lying repeatedly about a quote you’ve been shown is fake is disinformation

    • I watched some good YT videos on 51% attacks recently by Horizen (formerly Zencash) 👍 Their founders would be interesting guests too…

  3. It’s always amusing to hear abote what a Canadian thinks abote the U.S. For someone with such a degree of insight, he’s not too bright, eh? Conveniently leaving ote the fact that dollars in physical form are necessary for the narco-trafficking for dark budget items. Every time I hear abote him saying “about” it cracks me up. What a shmuck. I’m not 3 minutes in and I can’t deal with hoe much of a fear mongering shmuck this guy is. Nothing short of WWIII will see the dollar dethroned

  4. How is bitcoin not fiat?
    What is it back up without a FDIC ?
    How does google, the government (treasury department, private Rothschild banks) not confiscate crypto currency?
    They already tax the cryptocurrency.
    How can we use gold for every transactions, it not fungible.
    We are screwed. Another thing to worry about besides the caravan from central America.
    Please respond I want to read what you make of these questions.

  5. Jeff Put yourself in trump’s shoes How do you win. To use their weapons Spend like crazy Build-up the military build-up the police force Elect conservative judges Tell the world We are a sovereign nation It doesn’t happen overnight Jeff. You talk a lot about waking up Well Jeff Maybe the rabbit hole is deeper than you think.

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