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We Are Still Here! Jeff Berwick Opening Speech at Anarchapulco 2018

Jeff Berwick opens Anarchapulco 2018, topics include: the growth of the Anarchapulco conference, introducing the conference organizers, the health and wellness part of the conference, the attendees, philosophers, unschooling, free markets, alternative media, artists, musicians, rappers including Wu Tang, the movement is maturing and growing. heal the world by healing yourself, they can't stop bitcoin!

Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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32 Comments on We Are Still Here! Jeff Berwick Opening Speech at Anarchapulco 2018

  1. After Jeff interview with BIX not sure if I trust him anymore due to him backing Brock the pedophile and his bilderberge connections. Who could back such criminal elite a puppet

    • Jeff prove to him that you are not a CIA Operative funneling children to the Elite Satanists!!!! LOL!!!

    • Chris Wood Spot on. Jeff is a Zionist Jew scumbag Only cares about money not freedom. Remember Jews control both sides of the argument. By way of deception
      That describes berwickinski

    • Wood is hughes, hughes is wood, wood hughes, hughes wood…hughes wood hughes wood hughes wood….OMG!…Hughes IS wood…Nooooo!…………name that reference lol

  2. Great info Jeff, the world will indeed embrace the only logical way to exist, thank you for everything you do, mad respect sir, I hope to make it next year and I spread the true word of anarchy, peace and love.

  3. Jeff when you heal yourself it ripples out into the world and raises the vibration of the planet.
    When you heal yourself you heal the world… and everyone in it!

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