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We Are Near The Bottom in Cryptos and 2019 Could See A Massive Price Explosion

Jeff Berwick interviewed for Block TV, this interview was recorded at the Israel Bitcoin Summit in Tel Aviv on January 8th

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41 Comments on We Are Near The Bottom in Cryptos and 2019 Could See A Massive Price Explosion

  1. I heard there was only 6 trillion USD$ ‘worth’ of gold in the world. I can’t figure how that can be. If there is so little gold compared to the total amount of paper and electronic money, then it seems to be that gold is way way way undervalued.

    • +NPC 02 if other countries are going to peg to gold in the future then that’s where your store of wealth will rocket up.

      Bitcoins its own store and isn’t pegged at all, but not saying it’s not a good place for people to store wealth to it.
      Feel a little more uneasy about cryptos though

    • It’s because it’s not a linear progression. It goes in waves and the trend line goes over 5k years. So 60-80 years from the trend line is not a long time. It just is in our lifetime

    • Because there is an unlimited amount of paper gold thanks to the futures market same thing has been done to btc now there’s is an unlimited amount of paper btc thanks to futures market that is put there to suppress an asset and control it

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