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26 Comments on WAR OF TERROR – US Threatens War in Venezuela and Iran

  1. but but without government who is going to mass murder scores of people and pollute, steal, imprison and indoctrinate?

    no no i cant support freedom, we NEED slavery !

    Freakn insane clown world.

  2. To think Iran was such a beautiful and prosperous country not even 40 years ago. The Company is efficient.

  3. Can someone be killing the soldiers & making it seem like a suicide. Can it be both. Just came to mind🤔. Lost World, find the “HOLY SPIRIT”😎

  4. There is nothing patriotic about killing people. Plain and simple
    Just to let you know in the millitary you are injected with all sorts of vaccines and drugs it is mandatory . You dont have an option to wether you get the shots. It is brain washing to the highest degree. Yeah why hire people that are trained to kill for police officers? Arrest people dont just kill them. The average american doesnt understand. Yeah not the american government? They would never harm you. People you better wake up.

  5. Thanks for sharing some truth and awareness. I went in the Army to pay for college and I still remember training how to set mines to kill people and how to disarm a mine.. to kill myself. I just could not believe we were actually doing those things and that I would ever really need to kill another person. At least it paid for my advanced indoctrination so I could get a decent slave job. Back then I really believed that Ivan was going to kill us and that we needed to be ready to fight. Now I see how it was all such a big farce.

  6. David Icke,Donald Hoffman and The Dollar Vigilante man perhaps the most if not the tops,
    the peaks of real intelligence .

  7. Great walk n talk. You hit the nail on the head. Americans get really mad when you to tell them that their government is evil and are blood thirsty demons.
    At least that’s how I see those in Washington, and all the other governments across this FLAT EARTH.
    Down the Road.

  8. Gen’rals gathered in their masses,
    Just like witches at black masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction,
    Sorcerer of death’s construction
    In the fields the bodies burning,
    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to mankind,
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds
    Oh Lord yeah!!!

  9. Wealth management is different than wealth creation. This channel is definetly not wealth creation, just management.

  10. Thank you for your service. Singer-songwriter and global health advocate island mountain pat

  11. Sevan bomar/ santos bonacci/brother sanches/ icke/ micheal tsarian/ mark passio/ Graham handcock/ micheal tellinger/ Cullen smith/ David wilcock.
    The truth will set you free!!!

  12. Dude I just came across you’re channel by accident, but I just wanted to say you’re a beast. I believe everything happens for a reason and the last couple off years I’m doing some soul searching meditation fasting healing my mind and body and then I come across you’re channel. Every video is a massif intellectual bomb. Keep doing what you’re doing man !!

    • Joel Farmer … I Feel the same, now that mindset seems so alien and well, insane … because it is ^_^

  13. 🤔 I wonder who crashed Venezuela bonds causing hyperinflation.. then the excuse to invade..

  14. yes…being 63yo knowing now been lied to all my life…so sad…God is giving me a 2nd chance…watched the movie Pearl Harbor this past weekend…I cried like a baby… the Good News is Jesus is coming…Blessings on You, Jeff!!!

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