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40 Comments on Wall Street Shill Mike Novogratz, Late To The Crypto Party, Acts Like He Knows What’s Going On

  1. Anyone else reckon this current dip will bottom between 275b and 315b global market cap?

    • Wow keyboard warrior gotta love it. Crypto noob LOL . Did you create an account just to troll comments ? Good for you enjoy your loser life shithead

    • @PJR Pretty sure you’re the loser here. Only SHEEP keep attacking Bitcoin cash and worship Bitcoin as some religion. Those type of people are always the losers who lose at the end because they follow the herd instead of using their brain. Sheep herds are always slaughtered by the wolves in any market. Remember that, kiddo.

  2. Please stop shilling bcash Jeff. You cannot scale blockchain technology globally by simply increasing blocksize.

  3. Just a piece of advice Jeff, never invite Bix Weir as a speaker to Anarcopulco again, he is either a shill or an absolute imbecile.

  4. It is pronounced Novo-Gradz the bubble god. And this video is pointless filler to keep the channel alive.

  5. What they don’t realize is there is more then one crypto. And when ‘They’ have finally destroyed BTC, we’ll have long since moved into another crypto, leaving them holding the bag.

  6. People who like BTC as a store, also like LTC as a cash.
    It doesn’t have to be 1 coin for all functions.

  7. Oh ffs on chain scaling doesn’t work. Bcash is already obsolete, you just don’t know it. And no, there’s not some giant conspiracy to stop bitcoin – it’s a debate between on chain and off-chain. Off chain has won and bcash can go and do their pathetic little experiment with b-grade developers. Whatever, good luck to them.

  8. Wow, thanks jeff, I finally realized that BTC has been a statist takeover because a new store of value assets does not threaten the dollar hegemony; but a form of p2p digital cash definitely does. Core was taken over by statist forces.

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