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22 Comments on Trump Ushering In Dollar Collapse With Mexican Trade War

  1. Mexico needs to be a good neighbor and stop being an enemy.. they need to get their media outlets inn line and stop the lies… they need to use their own military to be a good neighbor and stabilize their region south of their own boarder. They need to stop being paid off by drug cartels and liberals in the far left…. lol. This is nonsense… this guy they interviewed Jeff dead wrong on so many points but write on a few.

    Jeff I understand what you are saying but Democracy at its core is not the issue.. the issue is what it can become when corrupt. But Democracy in its pure form is very good my friend.

    Think before you speak as you sound like a socialist shill.

  2. And how is It more Mexico’s job to protect OUR border than it is our job to protect it?
    Also, we don’ need ILLEGAL immigration. They need to come in legally.

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