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35 Comments on Trump Accidentally Tweets Huge IRS Secret

  1. The constitution does not exist it was amended in 1871 Americans just know that the new constitution is order under the Vatican

    • They created the United States corporation. Began conducting business for profiting its board members. And still do using the deception that the corporation is legitimate govt.

    • XCurrent Breeze – This is absolutely true USC 28 3002 15, a [ITS A CORPORATION]
      The Act of 1871 literally stole the representative constitutional republic and replaced it with a corporation!
      That is why there is nothing that you can do when you walk out your front door in the morning that isn’t either illegal, or you have to pay the corporation(s) [city, town, state, or federal corporations (governments) of this country to do it! And I mean EVERYTHING!
      Try to think of a single thing that you could do without having to pay some kind of tax, license, fee, extortion of some kind – you won’t be able to think of one…(except maybe walk down the street, but there is quite a few rules to that as well)

    • And the Jews run the Vatican and the whole show. Many people believe it’s the Jesuits on top… but they’re even controlled by these false Zionist Joos.

  2. You did this not for us the viewer but for your business. If you want us to be free so bad then why not just let us see what he tweeted.


  3. Lmao he didn’t accidentally tweet anything, if he destroys the IRS/fed reserve will you wear a maga hat at least once, you have a loud voice. If enough you yell loud enough I think he would actually listen to you…

  4. And thanks for the tax code Jeff ,we are rushing to use this to our advantage this morning,awesome just help my family keep 1000s

  5. any chance theres a similar form to opt out of student loan repayment?

    honestly no forms should be necessary as the government anyone is indebted to is not 100% honest about their workings and existence but just in case….

  6. You forgot to mention Puerto Rico’s draconian gun laws. 50 bullets PER YEAR. I’ll stick to guns and butter, death and taxes.

  7. Puerto Rico? C’mon Jeff, you should know that the federal corporation pretending to be the government of the United States doesn’t have valid jurisdiction over the 50 states, but DOES have jurisdiction over Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories. Becoming a Puerto Rico citizen or moving your business there would actually be voluntarily putting yourself inside the jurisdiction of the federal corporation. Not a wise move. That corporation is not to be trusted.

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