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This Will Be Our Next 10,000% Gain Investment… And It’s Not Crypto

This Will Be Our Next 10,000% Gain Investment… And It's Not Crypto

Jeff Berwick walk and talk on the streets of Capri, Italy. We return to the subject of precious metals and silver mining stocks in particular.

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29 Comments on This Will Be Our Next 10,000% Gain Investment… And It’s Not Crypto

    • The $10k cash limit would be extremely bullish for crypto, it’s a massive reminder that AUD gives very little freedom in comparison.

  1. For health look into using a copper thermos for drinking water. The other necessities of health ate nanoparticles of gold and silver to heal the DNA.

    • interesting…what about silver bottles too? they have them here in China, from the silver shop. peace from China.

    • @biglance yes definitely get the silver bottle if it is available. Silver coin in a water bottle was used by soldiers during the civil war. Much prosperity to you and your family. Tennesse is my home for now. Shalom.

  2. I bought 10 ounces silver yersterday , in a long term ill worth a lot in near future , im a gold and silver bug for a long time

  3. I laughed when you said that the fed is a scam on CNBC and they didn’t invite you back 🙂 Truth will not pass on tv my friend 😉

  4. First Majestic silver company is a great investment. Up 64% since Jan …. I should have bought more

  5. I’ve literally said if I had listened to jeff I’d be a millionaire so many times.
    You and max Kaiser both were shouting at me to buy BTC when it was woth a little over an hr of minimum wage work.

    No more, I’m escaping. Even a good job is just a job in the fiat world.

  6. I bought bitcoin at 6000 wish I had gotten in earlier! I’m excited I found you guys a couple years ago and started investing … I was skeptical so I only used 100 at first and I keep adding money every week ! Its adding up fast

  7. I dont get it so much money and having premium membership is just phishy. Being loaded and asking for premium membership just share the info and give full access to all so we get rid of debts 😀

  8. I see one wolf and whole lot of sheep’s
    I bet you those people who’s around less than 5% invested in precious metal

  9. The key is to take possession of your crypto and then worrying about exchange hacks are then not affecting you… Don’t trust any 3rd party including banks… BE YOUR OWN BANK.. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR MONEY!!

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