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27 Comments on This Is Why Banks Are Going Down and Cryptos Will Takeover

  1. Hi Jeff thanks for all you do. This was the first time I ever got to watch a video first also thumbs up ! I was just thinking about crypto and checked your news letter and this notification came in… love your videos and the scenery. Keep telling us the truth.. I was very impressed on a interview you did a few days back and mentioned spelling cast spells so true! Great point on doing opposite what media says.

    • He has gotten better at this over the years. I had the honor of his company for a decade now. It just gets better and better. Lol

  2. Hi Jeff! I just sent you a friend request (from Taylor Eckhardt) and hope that you’ll accept. I, too, am an Anarchist & Libertarian and am so enjoying your informative and funny videos. Thanks for all that you share!! I so hope to attend your AnArcapulco event next February with my husband. We’ll see how things are going at that point here in the land of the enslaved.

  3. No doubt crypto being the future. Fiat’s days are numbered, especially the US dolllar. On a different note, go easy on the beard and hair dye. You are wading into Chuck Norris territory. Not a good look. Embrace the gray, it confers confidence.

  4. They do EVERYTHING slow in the Caribbean!!😎🤙⛱🌊🍹🐟🐠🐡🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

  5. Thanks a lot Jeff for this video, I was already expecting a video from DR since you mentioned it on one of your live videos I think when you were In Mexico. I am from DR but I’ve lived in USA for a lot of years now. Great content as usual. Crypto’s 2Th3Moon!!! 🌝

  6. Another great Vid, thanks Jeff, keep em coming. I’ve heard your bank manager story many times, always cracks me up, so funny. As for the banking system–what a F@$!%*g joke.

  7. Cryptos is a revolution of sorts but I like the evolution label better.
    Cryptos are the future. And I see them killing the banks eventually. But that event, I feel deeply, will take a while.
    A long while.

  8. I know exactly what you mean got a couple accts with hsbc London and their constant security nagging for ‘my’ benefit makes me feel like an in-law living with me!

  9. Barclays Bank UK terminated my account yesterday…given me a months notice….they track every penny I have and know it’s all in precious metals & crypto….and almost nothing in the bank..they are not happy…😃

  10. Can’t wait for the banks to go down but I’m afraid I’ll never see the day. I work for one, they are just too damn powerful

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