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This Is How You Can Save The Amazon RAIN FOREST

This Is How You Can Save The Amazon RAIN FOREST

Jeff Berwick walk and talk from Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The Amazon is on fire! or is it?

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26 Comments on This Is How You Can Save The Amazon RAIN FOREST

  1. I love your casual approach to global dramas others get entrenched in. The truth does really set you free. Love your daily updates…love from England

  2. Gavin Newsom is getting ready to tax water and limit households to a certain # of gallons. We’re on our way to taxing air

  3. JEFF ppl needa watch your videos & stay woke your the only channel i follow thats dropping real facts we are living in a matrix and these clowns are believing everything these medias putting out smh keep dropping gems jeff.

  4. I’m obviously not a troll
    But I agree with you, buy gold, buy silver, buy crypto and an investment and a protest to the current monetary system
    If we destroy the global currencies before the central banks do we can profit from it and protect ourselves

  5. Leonardo Decraprio told me the lungs of the earth are burning!! What he failed to mention was that Al Gore lit the match. :^D

  6. Love this one!
    We are told what they want us to “know” – B.T.B

    Thanks for bringing proper perspective to the world

  7. It is the rainy season in northern Brazil. Once it’s burned down they will “find” some rare element.

  8. The amazon fires ”News” was kind of a trigger for me… I started to Plant Trees… it’S easy and cheap… just pick up some trees seed (For Free) and I re-use plastic bottle in order to start trees. And Lawn is so USELESS as you said… Years ago, at my grand parents house we planted trees because it was empty useless Lawn… and now those trees are so beautifull… So If you want to make International Changes, Go Local… take care about your own environnement… Thanks! Merci… Nice Video. (by the way, every month I send a small money to alternative medias)

  9. At 26 minutes you literally just described me.
    I am John. I dropped 30lbs
    My neighbors say im looking great and are shocked at how much organic food I am producing where I used to have a lawn.
    My mind is blown

  10. That’s why I’m moving to Cherean, Miauchican Mexico. At grow a Garden, come on down people, get our hands dirty.

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