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The War On Drugs Is A War On People And Needs To End

The War On Drugs Is A War On People And Needs To End – Jeff Berwick on The Johnny Rocket Podcast

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Topics include: consequences of the war on drugs, the demonization of substances vs the reality, Jeff's experimentations, health effects of cannabis, drug free highs, alcohol the worst drug, evils of prohibition, gangs are a result of drug prohibition, environmental benefits of industrial hemp, who profits from drug prohibition, the law is the real criminal when it comes to victimless crime, golden rule and N.A.P.government revenue from drug prohibition, the failure of democracy

23 Comments on The War On Drugs Is A War On People And Needs To End

    • Joel Farmer absolutely right! F THEM! They all suck. They aren’t for us, they are against us, they don’t want people to thrive. It’s all about the love of money.

  1. they have to keep the incompetent in power.
    excuses to destroy anyone w/ any sense or brain.

  2. Great video. I’m proof of these failed policies. I have a felony for growing weed in a closet when I was 20. It took me forever to get a career. I had to start my own company. Most are not as successful as me.

  3. Many are failing to learn from mistakes or refusing to learn from their mistakes for personal gains!
    Great interview Jeff

  4. Yes sir, they delivered, they let it enter, they make sure it’s sold and sure they get their money tripple gainned in clean dollars. The elites are very wise, they are underworld sectarian gangsters, the big Troyan horses. The best drug is cocaine, but that’s the drug of the Beast. Very expenssive.

  5. you dont own yourself the government own you through your birth certificate the government believe they even own your body thats why when you break their laws they take your body and lock it up in a cage or electrocute it depending on your crime. they dont like certain drugs either because it may lead to you being an inefficient worker through either destroying yourself or enlightening yourself to the fact that you are a slave.

  6. Gaverment can only be the 10 amendment that the country was first found the Constitution the public servants are not elected 2 govern the citizens the public servants can only govern the criminals who are in disobedience against the Constitution since they are breaking the laws of the Constitution they have become criminals

  7. Thank you,the anchient Scott’s or sacca,s people who are from the tribe of mannasa, Ephraim,and Dan,these are of the 12 tribe’s of isreal,man made whiskey, God made weed , there’s no question to what i need,, airborne all the way,,

  8. if I started to listen to people like you when I was ten, I wouldn’t need to go to school again

  9. The name’s of these mentioned,used hemp in rituals of healing in smoke filled Lodge’s saturated with smoke and worship of the God of Abraham,,alantein garden,research and history, thank you.

  10. The effort comes in convincing soccer mom Cindy that she really only has control over what she does, no one else. Even her children will eventually decide what they want to do and how they want to live. Folks are deluded if they think they can or should control others actions.

  11. If you cannot see the spiritual implications and was coming out of this man’s mouth then I would hit my knees with my hands Palms face towards heaven in my eyes towards heaven and be pleading with the most high take it from someone that’s been on the front lines without even knowing they were there a real spiritual battle big spiritual battle doesn’t come with evidence we’re not supposed to have evidence neither cuz it’s supposed to be by faith but never less I have plenty of quote on quote evidence for one I’ve been healed the three different terminal illness is but several other things have happened in my life don’t give me that shirt over there so you can click on my icon and get my email

  12. I’m a senior an suffer from major spinal cord damage and also cancer. the drugs as dispensed in the US are adulterated, I found this true after a stay in Mexico, The same medications are only half or less as effective, to me this proves immense greed on the part of the US pharmaceutical companies in lieu of the citizens health, The Opiod crisis is complete bull an has ruined my ability to live without being completely crippled by pain, I’ve been monitored here in the US (urine tests) for years because of my need for pain management, yet was terminated for my own good! “Cold turkey” Mexico doesn’t require the ill to jump thru hoops, No man should have to live in a state of constant pain, since the great Opioid war started ( March 2017) and doctors mandated to discontinue care. This has hurt more citizens than it’s helped. The dope addict will find the garbage he wants regardless of the cost, the Govt only makes it worse by making it so expensive the person wont care if he or she has to kill to get high, while the citizen that actually needs it will go broke and wither! fuk the US and it’s policy of making Big Pharma Richer!

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