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The Vigilante’s View on Entrepreneurship, Bitcoin and Trump – Jeff Berwick on Wealth Research

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Jeff is interviewed by The Wealth Research Group, topics include: time management and lifestyle choices, blockchain technologies and how it can change the world, a decentralized financial system, fiat money, Trump and the growth of populism, the youth of today, avoiding the USA, the evil war on drugs, taxation is theft, government is an unnecessary evil, being pro-freedom, the rise of cryptocurrencies, alt coins, Ethereum, Monero and Dash, Steem and Steemit, MaidSafe, an evolution in money and banking!

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43 Comments on The Vigilante’s View on Entrepreneurship, Bitcoin and Trump – Jeff Berwick on Wealth Research

    • mystery dude i dont think I’ve come across anyone that is as stupid as you before, out of nowhere you insult me because im asking you a simple question? My wallet has made lots of transactions but your to ignorant to work that out. If i were you I’d stop talking about things you dont understand, because anyone that learns about bitcoin knows theres no link to the person through the blockchain wallet address, unless you can provide me proof then your argument is pointless, a bit like your life.. Now piss off please you smell of piss and its putting me off my dinner. Knob!

    • All I’m saying is the protocol is not private it is transparent. Your name isn’t directly linked to that address but you can follow the funds. If you buy with cash in a peer to peer way and never show your IP address then sure you can have a semi-private bitcoin account. Then if you don’t want people to follow the funds you have to use an external mixing service. The point is the privacy is outside of the protocol. You have to do extra steps. I do not need to prove anything this is the nature of the code itself.

    • Michele Molinari PIVX is awesome but waaay overpriced right now. Dont be surprised to see sub $1 PIVX very soon.

    • Juiceboxx TM that’d be ok as I’m in for the long run not just the profit… I think it’s an awesome technology (ty dev team) with both a great community and solid governance to back it up, and I see it as a viable solution to many of today’s problems with centrally controlled currencies that Jeff refers to in the video

  1. For me, Bitcoin is not money either, just digits out of nowhere. But if I have to choose between fiat and btc, I will happily take btc.

  2. Wow Jeff. Hey my nine-year-old just barely turning 10. I’ve been teaching her about blockchain she owns a Etherium and some Bitcoin and I’ve been trying to get her to be free thinker

  3. Apart from “a Jesuit runs the White House,” you are like good vine, getting better by the year. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Napster really bad comparison. It was centralized and shut down. Torrent was the result of that. I think Jeff totally knows this and just didn’t realize he was mixing metaphors.

  5. >asked about what bitcoin is
    >goes on a rant calling the government and banks a bunch of criminal cunts

    You just got a sub.

  6. Hi great video as always. I was looking on the market. I came across Global Currency Coin that made a 70% gain. What do you think about this coin?

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