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The US Government Clamps Down on Ability of Americans To Purchase Bitcoin

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51 Comments on The US Government Clamps Down on Ability of Americans To Purchase Bitcoin

  1. Told you so!

    All major $overeigns have the means to manipulate crypto-currencies despite block chain technology.

    • 14lou – that’s not what he said. He said it can be manipulated DESPITE blockchain tech. I agree.

    • +14lou

      Aside from tax laws and user registration… one tactic is to slow or restrict the exit transactions of crypto-currencies.

      Again! I AM a small time USER and SPECULATOR of bitcoin. Not a blind BELIEVER.

      I recently discovered there are issues.


  2. So tired of this govts bullshit control tactics…which do end up working by force. Time to start over elsewhere before its too late???

    • +greenback001, “I thought craptos were untouchable? The ride is over. Cash out while you can.”…..and please don’t forget to remind everyone that “Plants crave electrolytes” !!!

    • Nobody, no individual and no central power or government can control, manipulate, ban, hack or kill a worldwide distributed open-source peer-to-peer cryptographically secured decentralised system.
      Bitcoins will continue to increase in value, more than gold and silver, there will only be 21 million bitcoins ever, they are cryptographically and mathematically secured, it is decentralized, so can’t be banned, co-opted or confiscated/stolen by any central group or government, you hold your own private keys.
      The future economy is digital and decentralized.
      “Even China Can’t Kill Bitcoin”

  3. lol I told you fools the Jews where not going to let Bitcoin happen they just used you to see how they can make a cashless society. better get gold and silver

    • I thought the same thing 6 years ago and nearly missed the boat. The Jews will get your gold and silver eventually too. Now get back to work, pay your income tax, love cultural Marxism, and send your children to fight our wars…Goy!

    • The only fool are the cryptos supporter that for years were telling the people that the government could stop bitcoin and results that they can do anything.

  4. Meh, fake news. The problem isn’t the govt, altho they are trying to become a problem. The problem is regulating the exchanges to enforce fair transactions. China went thru the same growing pains, and has done well in the direction of cleaning up their exchange issues. Buy Bitcoin or ETH and export to paper and sit until the dust settles.

    • Smart response, regulation is imminent in the digital asset sector. Preparation is key, but regulation of cryptos can only go so far as more advanced tech swoops in. Zero-knowledge proofs and private transactions make gateway fiat-to-crypto exchanges (mostly bitcoin) the area to regulate most.

    • Panda King same here it’s been smooth sailing for me. As a matter of fact I was selling some Ether a couple weeks ago and intended to put it in my usd online wallet but accidentally sent it directly to my bank. The transaction was at 2:00 am and THE SAME DAY just before 4:00pm the cash was in my bank account. I was shocked because at first I was like crap it’s going to be a week before I have access to that money. Nope I spent some later that same day. Also the shift card is pretty sweet too. I agree with Jeff though we are not free here by anymeans.

    • I used Coinbase for 3-4 years now. Never had a problem but I am going to look into using Kracken or the other one as well. Sign up before it gets ultra difficult.

    • We’re not free anywhere. Having money is the only way to freedom. and bitcoin is just another way to make it, or brake it. Every country has government, and it doesn’t matter where you go in this world there is still the rule of law on the other side. What ever that might be.

  5. All you talk about is money. All you complain about is money. All money systems are slave systems.

    • TheRichie213 What does a sound and just monetary system look like to you; or what can we use as a medium of exchange if you believe all monetary systems are slave systems?

    • TheRichie213 That’s BECAUSE money is what everyone exchanges their REAL currencies for: time and attention. Money isn’t just currency, it’s a way of preserving years of people’s hard work so they can exchange it for years of other people’s hard work. It’s not about the money, it’s about the fact that millions of people spent years of their lives acquiring it, and it could all be stolen from them overnight. It’s about the millions of lives that could be ruined.

    • Replace government with smart contracts. Citizens use stateless IDs to carry out economic activity. Taxes levied at the transaction level, automatically. Smart contracts compete with each other to attract citizens.
      If you need a “government” of sorts.
      Anarchy is a form of “government” technically. Self governance.

      Don’t be so afraid of everyone else. The only reason we have war now is governments (mostly US) and the fact that governments have made the people live in fear of war/terrorism (hence all the recent false flag “terrorism” attacks). And you know yourself these lines drawn around the globe are ridiculous.

      You’d pay the security company of your choosing, why would anyone pay people that would want to simply just go out and murder someone?
      With no governments, we can have private societies, and each their own (crypto)currency, self regulated, self sustaining and you are free to choose in which way of governance/system you want to be a part of.

  6. Fake news. Yes it is not easy to set up an account on coinbase but it is done. I just bought some crypto before responding to your podcast.

    1. The IRS was told by a congressional committee to “BACK OFF” Coinbase.
    2. The legislation was introduced in a Senatorial committee – not the House – where ALL real legislation begins.
    3.We don’t NEED a bitcoin etf to participate in the “gains” (besides – don’t need bankers trying to commit short selling on an exchange)
    4. Users shouldn’t keep their coin on ANY exchange – once coins are in your account you should immediately transfer them to a private wallet.
    5. Exchanges were shut down because of high volume demand at the same time – this is going to happen until the exchanges get big enough to handle the volume.

    C’mon “dollar vigilante” you are better than this. You say Mike should stick to vitamins? Maybe you should stick to gold/silver. First you are against Coinbase, then you attack Mike for attacking them, then attack again yourself. Crypto is now well served by your incoherent inaccurate rant. SO Stop spewing bullshit!

  7. I don’t feel sorry for Americans at all.
    Were American people sorry for all the people in other nations when their military bombed them?
    Were American people sorry for all of the proxy wars, financial and economic exploitation that they cause thereafter?
    People deserve the government they have. Finally, its about time that what goes around, comes around.

    And you know why else I say I don’t feel sorry… because you people still can’t see and come to terms with that it was the Capitalist system that fucked you over, the rich fucked you over, and not Socialism. If you had Socialism you would never get such extreme wealth inequality… you would not have so many wars, one after another… this is why American people deserve what they get, because they don’t know any better.

    • Wrong. Socialism is governments using regulation to protect and help its population from the bad things that the very Capitalists do. Do you even know what term Social means? How do you think these terms were derived? To be social means to not be just about money and profits, which is what capitalism is based on, and to be friendly to the social structure, the environment (as we all DEPEND ON ITS HEALTH – If nature is fucked we are also fucked)… Socialism is there to make the business sector stick to ethical and moral rules of the society. That’s what Socialism is what its needed for.

      What you see being Socialism is totally wrong, and reason you see it like that is because the system you are in (Capitalist system) will want you to see it that way, as if you knew the real nature of Capitalism, Socialism and Communism, you would not be so fond of Capitalism. Only greedy people love Capitalism… as it works for these kind of people only.

      And FYI, Free market is nothing to do with Capitalism. Free market means that people are free to chose to buy and sell anything they want, without being blocked by the state, and guess what… your pro-capitalism government has also been doing many limitations on what you can see, read, buy or sell… so don’t be fooled to think somehow only Capitalism has free markets… as it doesn’t.

      Capitalism is a system where people with capital (hence the system name) use their capital to invest into things that has others work for them, and produce profits for them. That is the basis of Capitalism. Socialism can exist in Capitalism as well (and it has been) and is in fact NEEDED in order to stop the capitalists doing what they have been doing past 4 decades.

      Once you figure this out, you will see things very differently.

      PS: If you had Socialism in the US, and the government was actually for the people and not the rich (the capitalist) by being completely bought out by the capitalist, the government which would be Socialist in nature, would regulate the business in a way that it would not be so easy for them to sack all the American people, move all jobs overseas… and leave their own population dry, without jobs, without means to earn a decent living… and all the wealth produced by the people that are left working and those from cheap overseas labor… would not just go into the capitalist’s pockets… and even worse… they would tax these rich capitalists MORE to use that money that the rich got from the productivity of the working class, BACK INTO COMMUNITIES.

      But no… that would be a wrong thing to do according to you people?
      You love unregulated Capitalism? You got it brother… I hope you have enjoyed the downfall for the past 4 decades… and if you think your government is just now becoming Socialist/Communist… what were they past 4 decades as things were going worse and worse? Were they Socialist and Communist all that time?

      Get real… and get educated about this PROPERLY

    • Wrong. Socialism is the road to Totalitarianism/Communism. It has been proven again and again in history that Socialism is the tool to transform even more power to the elites/governments and everytime it ended up bad for the populace.

      I totally know what Socialism is about, you don’t have to school me about it: It’s transferring wealth from the hardworking taxpayers to the poor/lazy and this is causing tensions between the middle class and the lower class. And why? Because the lower class will vote the left since they gain financial benefits from them and thus the left can stay in power.

      “Only greedy people love Capitalism”. No. Capitalism is incentivicing people to work harder and to be smarter. Honestly, the sad truth is, in the end it doesn’t matter which system is in place. Capitalism or Socialism, both are being abused by the rich to rule the mob. But there is a significant difference, in Capitalism one has at least the chance to climp up the wealth hierarchy whereas in Socialism you make yourself a hostage to the government.

      Again: Socialism can be classified as a subcategory of Divide & Conquer.

    • I said Socialism LEADS to totalitarianism as it happed every single time in history and it will continue in the future. You are now starting to twist my words. But what else to expect from a lowlife commie… keep hating on capitalism while enjoying its benefits you pathetic hypocritical red scum.

  8. Fascist – communist !? !? WTF!? These are 2 opposites mate! 😀

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