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The Truth About Money Laundering and Why Top Banks Are Crumbling

As a major player in the world banking system, Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) is undoubtedly a criminal enterprise, but there is no crime in helping people keep their money away from parasitic politicians who fund wars and oppression through their stealing

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33 Comments on The Truth About Money Laundering and Why Top Banks Are Crumbling

  1. When you look at the long term trend of the stock price of Deutsche Bank, the writing is most definitely on the wall. This Bank is slowing heading towards its eventual destruction just as the Hindenburg also did.

  2. Catherine Austin Fitts, was on Greg Hunter tonight, she was saying the Mexican border is all about what banks will do the laundering from dark and legitimate $ coming from Mexico, east coast, West coast, or Texan, her interview was something else tonight.

  3. A great subject for Anarchapulco: The New American Slavery class called Felons. Millions and millions of americans with no rights to defend themselves or their families, no right to life, no right to self defense. They can’t even possess anything defensive to protect their body from knives or guns. This was planned out this way as the new slavery for blacks with the imposition of the Drug War and its insane sentences and the government feeding those drugs directly into the black neighborhoods. This IS the PLANNED New Slavery system. The elitist system can not function without cannibalizing the herd thru seizures and disenfranchisement and forcing many thru economic tyranny to work for next to nothing as felons are forced to do for the most part.

  4. erase the goverments would be better… people need to wake up to the lies we are getting told over and over again. i at least like to live in a world, in wich reality is nearest to the truth. jeff is right, taxes are theft, there is no way around that. they control what we think, what we know, how much you have to work for your money, what you are able to do on the markets (regulations) that is nothing else then dictate what you can do and cannot do… they do all this with your own money!!! the time you work, all the effort, is only there, to finance their black projects, feed you with lies and much more. so they take money from something they did absolutely nothing for… its your life, not theirs. god gave you life, not they did. your birth is proof of your right to exist and free will not their lust to dictate every aspect of your life.

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