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The Political System Is a Satanic System of Enslavement with Jeff Berwick on the TCK Podcast

The Political System Is a Satanic System of Enslavement with Jeff Berwick on the TCK Podcast

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Topics include: changing the world, the 2008 crash was obvious to Austrian economists, zero and negative interest rates, the imposition and history of the federal reserve and income tax, us debt tripled sice 2008, tax revolt, precious metals a screaming buy now, getting away from the satanic slavery dollar system, Trump is not a saviour, Jesus was an Anarchist, the Essene gospels, self improvement, Anarchapulco 2020

21 Comments on The Political System Is a Satanic System of Enslavement with Jeff Berwick on the TCK Podcast

    • It’s for first time listeners who don’t know, mush for brains. TradCatKnight has a big following of folks who normally wouldn’t be familiar with Jeff and his channel/work.

      Also, it’s just common respect to do an introduction. Not all of us are single, unemployed incels lurking the internet and keeping up with everyone and everything 24/7/365.

  1. The U.S. debt clock shows the increase since Trump got into office is due to interest in the debt. Trump is a white hat. You can do more research on what’s happening by going to Anna Von Reitz site. She has compiled all the documents through history. It helps to keep the facts straight.

  2. Privately owned Fed Reserve backed by the taxation “authority” of the IRS conveniently set up and in place just in time for WWI.

  3. Arms and Pharmaceuticals are THE governmental justification for taxes…they both feed the worlds wealthy rulers

  4. Jeff is on a whole new plane of existense than the common man hooked into the W-2 payroll system living in a police state to enforce tax payments.

  5. People are insanely selfish. They will defend the space monkey on a spinning ball in a Godless universe religion all the way to great self detriment. The preservation of ego is why change will not come. Be in the Earth, not of the Earth. Be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  6. Jeff, this is one of your best videos I’ve watched, thank you…I really like your insight re Jesus, health tips, money, crypto, intermittent fasting…I’m all in on these, hat-tip brother.

  7. Central banks control everything it’s that simple Jeff is 100 % right about crypto and precious metals fiat currency is finished usary needs to be outlawed once and for all.

  8. You just made an airtight case not to go into cryptos all they have to do is hit the kill switches. Last time I checked gold and silver don’t have any switches on them.

  9. Tom woods and Jeff Berwick are about the only people I can listen to nowadays too much b.s. and sensory overload out in the plane.

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