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41 Comments on The Pledge Of Allegiance Is Religious Indoctrination

    • +Leonard Benn If the grid goes down, or you dont have access to it, or you are blocked for some reason, its not worth the bits and bytes its printed on.


      Howdy from sunny southen AZ, YEE HAA!!!!

  1. I stopped saying the pledge in 10th grade (1976) although i didn’t really start to wake until 1992 when i left the military after 13 years. I realized we were in unconstitutional wars and i would have no part of it. In 2008 i killed my TV and my mind exploded lol. Thank you for your inspiration Jeff. I would like to speak at anarchapulco. I have a lot to say…

  2. What is this guy talking about?
    Uh… Name 1 public school that still conducts the pledge. That stopped around here 30 or so years ago. Why are the pics in the video so outdated? My daughter has been a teacher for many years, never have they once even mentioned it!
    Total disinformation tactic, for those gullible enough to believe it!

    • I’m 32 years old and the pledge of allegiance was played every morning throughout my schooling here in Florida, so the only one spreading disinformation is you my friend. I’m not saying that some of what you said is true but that your conclusion is just wrong… and moronic

    • Cporr1972 “I guess being a libtard is good for this guy. He is a multi millionaire.”

      “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” – Mark 8:36

    • +Anthony Roic Not really. I’m sick of people hiding out in Mexico that want to attack our culture. Our culture includes saying the pledge of allegiance.

    • +TM3000 You comment really shows how small minded you are. I wish i could pay to leave this fucking country. Im sick of growing food for **FUCKWITS** like you here in Kansas just so **FUCKWITS** like you can get pissy at people who have harder opinions and dont wave your ignorant flag

  3. Last year, while attending an LA Dodgers game, I didn’t get up for the usual ritual, just because I don’t have to, and this big old indoctrinated maybe even ex veteran tapped me on my shoulder and said I oughta be ashamed since I was disrespecting our country blah blah blah- which I then responded by saying not to ever put his hands on me or I will beat his face to the point where he can no longer see if I stand or sit during that stupid ritual- and that I had no idea where that mantra came from and didn’t care to know either- I was pissed 😤 lots of people had no idea what was going on, so they turned around and had no choice but to agree with me when they realized that what I had just said made sense.

  4. There is nothing wrong with pledging your loyalty to your country. You are not pledging to the leaders, but to the land and ideals of your culture. Or better said, against other cultures. I wouldnt want other forms of govt to replace ours here in usa, such as china, briton, Venezuela, mexico, on and on where you are owned by the state openly. Its a distinction with a difference. And we finally have a leader dismantling the globalist paedophile system, in office now. Like him or not, trump is our last hope for the freedom promised to us by the constitution. If he fails, its game over.

    • Listen to what you’re saying. “Trump is our last hope for freedom promised to us by the constitution”

      …when we all put our eggs in one basket, and a terrible basket at that, we get shitty rotten eggs. The problem with America is we have all been fattened up for the slaughter, we are lazy, fearful, tired, and we arent willing to do much of anything that resembles us actually changing ourselves. We are only willing to support someone that we think is pissed off enough to fix all of our problems. Thats not how this world works. Trump is so compromised it’s not even funny. All you have to do is look for it, it’s all there.

  5. Seriously dude ?!? Most schools have long since thrown out the pledge and GOD ! Schools need both, they did when and where I grew up, and guess what No shootings !!!

  6. If “nationalism is a disease” then what is Globalism? You can’t toss out the baby with the dirty bathwater, Jeff. Just as with cryptos, you are dangerously confused on several key issues.

  7. One time in high school I didn’t follow protocol with the pledge in the morning and a teacher got all up in my face about it. Muh skycloth!

  8. Nationalism is no disease, it’s human nature to be tribal. Einstein was a Jew, he was part of a nation. I guess it’s ok when (((They))) do it…

  9. Unfortunately, in this “paradigm”, we leave one “program” to adopt another. We can’t live without one.

  10. Your just another voice in a sea of voices who thinks he knows better. You don’t. You just encourage more confusion. If mankind would simply remember to Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man, there would be less confusion, more peace and tranquility. But when man seeks himself it all goes to hell and today is no different. Hang on to hopes and dreams apart from God and you are a “shoe in” for disaster.

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