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25 Comments on The New Fakebook $hitcoin White Paper Has Been Released… Here Is What It Means For Crypto

  1. The beast system is built on a web of lies, and it’s founder is the father of lies. Truth has the power to defeat the deception, and each soul is responsible for the things they embrace

  2. There’s no way the gov is not involved with this! they’ll be going back and forth with the fake’s the global one world currency!

  3. Ya thats cuz it’s a planned event is why they can come out in a day and say they are stopping it..their not stopping it! It’s reverse psychology don’t fall for it people..

  4. I have been thinking it is the business community trying to take the power away from the big banks. But then they will be even worse perhaps. Bitcoin eth and other daps / smart contract blockchains have nothing to fear. Stellar and xrp may have a problem though , perhaps edit in the short term anyways .

  5. You’re a true Hero!! Really appreciate you! Thank you for another great vid- always good to see Lucy too!

  6. Libra … yeah … that is going to enslave … they really like calling things the exact opposite of what it really is.

  7. Imagine the choice in history to all gold and silver stackers to go back a few years exchanging precious metals, for precious digital gold of BTC. I get the allure of stacks of shiny coins, I think it’s in the bones of time.I made my recent cost average purchase at the tripple tested low of 7700. And I think we will move above 10,000 now…. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Castro’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors/newbies accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 11btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on castroedwin195 @gmail or telegram @castroedwin1 or whatsapp; +1 845 400-7574.

  8. Get ready for Monero’s value to 10-50x in price and adoption!
    The Libracoin hack that releases personal purchases information of Fakebook users is going to be fun to watch….

  9. Lb is an abbreviation of the Latin word libra. The primary meaning of libra was balance or scales. The libra is also why the symbol for the British pound is £—an L with a line through it. GOT THAT? READ AGAIN!

  10. Great commentary, Jeff. It is going to be very exciting to see how this plays out on the world stage. Woot!! (This is big news for crypto bulls.)

  11. These guys are not anti-crypto they are anti-peasants. They will not support ANYTHING that allows us peasants get out from under their control.

  12. I would bet that fb will give free coins to every fb user just to kick it off. Imagine every friend and family member having say 5000 libra to start out with.

  13. They will need a vehicle to settle with any crypto and any fiat in the world so what technology do you think they are going to use to settle payments and transactions. I think bakkt and xrp, libra will be like a media crypto hub. Let’s see what happens.

  14. Libra is the most brilliant attempt to hyjack the control of the central banks. Hold your decentralized coins team! Things are just getting started! The demand for decentralized coins will explode!

  15. We are in OPPOSITE WORLD. stable = unstable : war=peace…..
    Luciferian agenda. Thanks DV for insights and truth..

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