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THE FINANCIAL CRISIS IS HERE! Dow Plummets, Yield Curve Inverts First Time Since 2007

THE FINANCIAL CRISIS IS HERE! Dow Plummets, Yield Curve Inverts First Time Since 2007

Jeff Berwick walk and talk from Barcelona, Spain. It looks like the sh**t iis about to hit the fan for the global economic fiat monetary system. Key indicators are flashing red.

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48 Comments on THE FINANCIAL CRISIS IS HERE! Dow Plummets, Yield Curve Inverts First Time Since 2007

  1. Totally agree Jeff. Was explaining this to my 10year old son yesterday. QE wont last. I am training him to understand how flawed fiat and the financial system is. Luckily weve got btc and xrp loaded up. Get the kids ahead of the game.

  2. Great advice. It a shame its come to this. They already steal our money through all these ridiculous taxes but now they want to take the rest.

  3. My guess is that we’re going to need to fasten our seatbelts soon, I use Deutsche bank SP to let me know the health of the banking sector, it’s a good marker ; )

  4. The “black guys with big bags” are street sellers changing their spot because the Guardia Civil ran into them.
    You can see them again at 27:00

    • It’s not fake money! It’s the future money they are spending right now… The money our children would have had. The money of people’s future pensions…. Yh it’s printed… On the backs of the people of the future…. So sick in fact….

    • @doughtymqan You got that right, my friend. Feeds the eye of the pyramid, all the way up to the Rothschilds family. It’s one giant scam.

  5. My savings account isnt in a bank, my savings are in gold and silver. My investment account isnt at an institution; its in crypto. I still have and use a bank account but its for making transactions and nothing else

  6. This is really important information. I am a pensioner (in Sweden) and save every month enough to occasionally buy silver. And right now I have ordered another 1 kg circulated silver bar that will be delivered next week. It’s really high time to buy AS MUCH SILVER AS YOU CAN!!!

  7. Canada, USA, EU, Australia have all implemented “bail-in legislation” right after Cyprus happened in 2013.

    • Thomas Crown , you’re right. The agreement was signed by the G20 in 2014 in Brisbane. If you try telling people to be careful with the money that they have in the bank , they just laugh. People don’t believe that their bank accounts can be taken to the cleaners.

    • @Daniele Sbordone I’m done trying to inform people. The only way they will learn is for them to lose money.

  8. Thanks, Jeff love these vids with you walking around “traveling very enjoyable look forward to seeing you next in Milan.

  9. im stacking food again and physical silver and buying gold and silver miners out of debt had cash and physical silver last crash paid off house and sold my silver I had bought for 5 bucks for 49 an ounce it was a nice pay day

  10. Sounds like the world is about to become exponentially violent.
    With so many people destitute, those with Gold, Silver, BTC will be major targets.

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