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The Economy Is Failing, Crypto Is A Threat To The Banking System – Jeff Berwick On The X22 Report

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Dave for X22 Report Spotlight. Topics include: burgeoning US debt and money printing, Trump was a democrat most of his life, growing police state, the coming collapse, fascism, the coming attacks on cryptocurrencies, Anarchapulco freedom conference, the statist mindset, the war agenda, the Masons, Trump and the ring of power, who created Bitcoin, approaching the end game.

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44 Comments on The Economy Is Failing, Crypto Is A Threat To The Banking System – Jeff Berwick On The X22 Report

  1. Don’t use Coinbase . . smart up sheeple . . they will steal your money by gov decree, they obey the tyrants and many people have lost their money, they can freeze your money on any pretext.

    • rockethead555 you should never use an exchange as a wallet, if you you coinbase for purchases only there is no tax event under current law and using your personal wallet risk is reduced

    • I move it straight to cold storage. LibertyX is good as well, and local bitcoins (just be careful)

    • Coinbase has got in trouble for the Bitcoin cash issue and credit card fees. They’ve also had issues where they’ve froze the exchange during high volume trading. BUT Binance does the same thing (Freeze trading when there’s high volume = like when a stock is shooting up or crashing, which can cost a person a lot of money). Again, But Coinbase is one of if not the most trusted exchange for holding your money. It would be one of the last exchanges to get hacked and you lose your money. They would very likely take care of customers if hacked. The biggest issue with Coinbase is their Fees. Use GDEX to reduce fees. I use Binance myself, but I’ve had a lot of issues with them too. So nothing’s perfect.

  2. let’s all pray Jeff doesn’t get assassinated. Also bitcoin cash is the real deal and Israel did 911.

  3. Get real, crypto is no more a threat to the fiat or banking systems as would trading baseball cards in the school playground be, in fact crypto is valued in fiat, without fiat it has no inherent value, crypto is unrealistically volatile and can move thousands in a day or go to zero in 1 hour flat but fiat may move pennies a year or go to zero in a day.
    Fiat is manipulated by printing more, Crypto is manipulated through and by 24/7 world wide exchanges and major holders through fear and greed and unregulated decentralized market manipulation and fraudulent investments, so its no good as a store of value and a huge risk to retailers and holders, slow and expensive as hell to send and confirm regardless of lightning network (don’t even get me started on that) or segwit. Transactions started as free as intended, until people started to use it as a tool to earn FIAT.
    And boy will you be sorry if your Etherium gets locked or you made an address mistake, or waiting days for confirmations, and that’s before mass adoption. All alts are paired against BTC, BTC goes down so do alts, BTC is plentiful, 1 BTC can be divided into 100,000,000 Satoshi, easily obtainable, not rare and not worth $12k, not easily fungible at retailers, majorly Chinese centralized mining… but wait… didn’t they ban crypto’s… they wouldn’t mine it as a tool against everyone else would they?!?
    20k BTC was holiday greed FOMO over hype get rich in FIAT quick dream.

    Cryptos have proven to be one of the most fraud infested markets in history. It is a tool to earn FIAT. Nothing more. Nothing will change until its regulated. Oh yes… I said that.
    Just wait for the real Laws regarding converting into FIAT come around. All you Tax dodgers are shooting yourselves in your own balls, no matter how your ignoring it.

    BTC worth $1,000,000… sure, when the economy collapses and I’m paid 2 billion per hour.

    Yes. I really do own BTC, and yes, I really seriously love it. I’m just realistic about it.

    • Mr20Below, it is your sovereign right to not be abused by the current fiat money system. $19 used to buy an ounce of gold in 1913 when the fed was illegally implemented, now it takes $1300+ for an oucnce in just 100 years time, wake up, your “savings” are loaned out 10 times over by FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING, and THE FEDERAL RESERVE and BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS prints money and buys treasury bonds to prop up government’s insane spending, but there is a catch, that printed money has to be paid back with interest….. aka more money has to be paid back than was initially issued…… it is fckn slavery….. please understand cryptocurrency, look into who is behind it, it is the smartest and most talented mathematicians and programmers in the world……even if the establishment international mafia planned this, they certainly didn’t plan on all these alt-coins and privacy coins, TAKE BACK YOUR SOVEREIGN HUMAN RIGHTS, LEARN AND GROW OR YOUR CHILDREN WILL CONTINUE TO PAY 1/3 OF THEIR LIFE’s EFFORTS TO THESE MONEY SCUM FCK INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.

    • Lennart Hansen agree conventional war would be great for America right now..could take us back to full throttle growth..I say war is the answer rather then a one world government

    • TF: That’s a joke, right? Waste millions of human beings, who’ve done you NO harm, to get back to “full throttle growth”?
      Are you as insane as your political masters? “One nation, under God….” Yeah, RIGHT! More accurate to say “One planet, under U$D!” This cannot / will not continue. Check out “WTC7” to learn just how much your government thinks of you, its LIVESTOCK!

  4. Jeff says that the Phoenix will destroy all fiat…..hmm…Isn’t the Phoenix actually Bitcoin?

  5. Tune into Max Igan’s latest vid regarding common sense to crypto’s.
    People are far too blinded by wealth to recognize they are being duped
    by the system once again

    • Ster Ling I have been waiting for the collapse for years I come to realize that the collapse will come when the elite decide to do it , another concept is USA Russia and China come out with their own currency the other currency will be worth nothing , I know the banks are creating currency out of thin air , I live in the country , the best is to have a place to hide in country

    • tom parankewich…Since China joined the SDR, and is in biz with Rothschild/Bankers/Zionists on numerous projects. They’re gaining position. So much more to it too. Ya, the country is the best place to be. With their planned agenda 21/30, smart cities, etc, they want to take that away as well. How about this one…the US defaulted on its debt to China, CA and HI were collateral. Selling us off piece by piece. Dig deep enough, you’ll find it. Second thought, enjoy the country. 😉

  6. I feel like I’ve known Jeff forever. I read, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, in 2008. I went down the rabbit hole of politics/economics/end of Petro Dollar/911, etc. Heard him talk about BTC in 2010, and paid attention. He’s correct and ahead of his time. Always.

  7. If Banks close down how do we withdraw our Crypto?
    Crypto is not just running by itself somebody is running it…wonder who?

    • i dont think so that bitcoin is running by somebody.,it was an independent itself.,it can be earned by doing “mining of bitcoin”.,neverthless it will work only if you have internet .,now we have to wonder.,what if internet or electricity get smashed.

    • lol wtf? you can trade crypto to anyone using a qr code and your phone, crypto makes you your own bank!

  8. I dont trust bitcoin one bit as the governments want to move to this currancy and bitcoin is its baby.

    • boo41916 The problem I see is Corporation X wants their product mandated, so they pay politician Y to do it. Both use Bitcoin, and nothing has changed. Now your employer switches to Bitcoin and systems switch over so taxes are still taken out before you get paid. If a country wants to go to war, they convert dollars to Bitcoin and with everyone else on the same page, the war continues, only now, its payment in Bitcoin instead of Dollars. Not much changes.

  9. I love Jeff and watching your videos. I can relate to him in many way on a personal note. I actually enjoy his other videos better when he is out walking the dogs. My only comment on these videos is very superficial but he appears to be wearing the same shirt and jacket in the past 3 or 4 videos and it throws me off. I start wondering if he filmed them all back to back the same day and they get released over the next week or two. I know dumb but I am a very visual person and pick up on this kind of stuff.

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