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The Donald From Jekyll Island: Will Trump Take Over The Federal Reserve?

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56 Comments on The Donald From Jekyll Island: Will Trump Take Over The Federal Reserve?

  1. i think Trump is just trying to save Capitalism, I don’t think he’ll fix anything.
    I would like to be proven wrong, but I don’t see it happening.
    To me, if he really wanted to do it, I think he would have done it already.
    PS: nothing to do with Communism mate, I try to keep telling you think, the FED is PRIVATELY OWNED BANK… WHICH IS ALL TO DO WITH CAPITALISM.
    Everyone is just so clueless.

    • Shows how little you know what Communism.
      Communism is economic system (defining ownership of means of production) in which the WORKERS OWN MEANS OF PRODUCTION.
      That is what Communism is.

    • -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel You can paste whatever definition you want on communism that’s not historically how it’s played out in China and Soviet Union.

      Communism diverts personal independence to the state. You become a slave to the state. You also give social authority to people like Mao who go and massacre 80 million of his own people in favor of the “communist agenda”.

      Fun theory – why don’t we just let people be, live, and love? Humans aren’t complicated enough to have a totalitarian state at the throats of all human processes.

    • That is the definition of Communism, what played out is called hijacking of the worker rebelion, and was turned into State Capitalism, both in Soviet Union and China.
      It would help you and everyone else to actually know true meaning of each term, as if you don’t you only end up being tricked and brainwashed.
      Let me give you example of other such hijacking (done by same people, the Capitalists)… Bitcoin BTC… compared to what its real definition is, and to what Blockstream have turned it onto… if know what Bitcoin is really about, and what Communism is really about, you would see a good correlation there… but you don’t, because you don’t know any better.

    • We don’t have much capitalism. There is mandatory socialized education. Mandatory socialized retirement. Mandatory socialized heath care. Even the reasoning for the mandatory money is its ‘for the greater good.’ So Ed you really need to step outside of your ideology. Things are about the opposite of the way you are seeing them.

    • ANARCHY LUiS “Flat Earth”:
      The Earth is verifiably not a spherical ball nearly 25,000 miles in circumference. Weather Balloon footage taken with straight lens cameras from 110,000+ feet shows nothing but Flat Line Horizon. Spherical trigonometry dictates significant curvature from half that altitude IF the Earth were in fact a ball with the aforementioned circumference.

    • Communications monopolies readily admit over %90 of comms is done through ground based cabling, the only wireless communication is from phone to tower, tower to tower, that’s it, short range. Anything longer range is strictly line of site.

    • Anarchy Luis , that’s the most idiotic logic I’ve ever seen in a rebuttle for flat earth. You are an anarchist which is laughable yet you believe the gov and NASA and thevatican church globe that was destroyed by nikola tesl , pssst guess what his inventions you are using right now , tesla said we live on a PLANE-multiverse , not Planet-universe. Ohhh where’s the proof, ehyvdont you open your eyes, study and you know actually look into stuff not just accept the reality tv presents to you. This is what’s wrong with people like you, too much fluoride in the diet , good luck on waking up Luis. Lmao

  2. what does all that really matter !! .. there is so much accumulated wealth and power on this planet currently in the hands of the few .. that no collapse of the system will save us from being owned by that level of power .. IMO the only thing that can save us from a very crap future is unity within the people .. which already exists we just are not focusing on that unity .. or acting from it .. perhaps there is a grand plan to reset the financial world and lockup the bad guys .. even then, without a means of getting unified on our basic principles and taking charge of the basics of existence together .. we are sitting ducks ! quack quack

  3. Just a question, I hate paying tax I do my best to hide money to never pay or very little, but if we don’t who pays for roads and infrastructure to be maintained? Just want to know your thoughts or anyone else’s

  4. He is replacing the Fed Governors behind the scenes and allowed them to continue interest rate manipulation. Every time Bernanke and Yellen sneezed, the market went running in a direction. Trump seems to have stabilized the swing for the past 18 months. It’s not based on fundamentals anyway. I have been following financial news and predictions for a long time but it appears no one was ready for the Trump effect. Proof that there’s much more than meets the eye.

    • Just my observation of what’s happening on the surface. The markets died in 2009 and if the Fed can juice it for almost a decade, Trump can take it over and do as he pleases. I believe this President is juggling many balls on many fronts. The fact that he’s been able to maintain stability during his short time in office says a lot but gurus seem upset that we haven’t reached the point of collapse. I’m not mad at Jeff and other Financial Gurus. I’ve been following their predictions for 9 years.

    • Nora Clarke This is the one time where I agree with Bix Weir: That trump is working to destroy the dollar. And that we will be moving to a cryptocurrency or digital fiat dollar. I think the transition to crypto is inevitable, its just a matter of when. Plus, the transfer needs to happen somewhat slowly otherwise btc would skyrocket to like 1 million per coin if we dumped everyone’s financial assets into it.

  5. Trump is trying to make the dollar collapse. Why are you criticizing him? Don’t you want to abolish the central banks? We need more Keynesianism. The low interest rates and inflation is exactly the necessary push to move the people towards cryptocurrencies.

  6. the earth is no spinning boll. Proven fact 0 measurable curve 2018. Not a flat earther. but a science lover. curve maths shows a curve and then a buldge to start at 13.5 miles. However in reality we can see past 200 miles, all AROUND flat. We can go strait up to 220k feet high, all AROUND flat, the circle of confusion starts but the maths says it starts a curve on x and y axis at 35k feeet high, again, no curve in our reality ever dectected unless you use a fish eye lens. DONT ATTACK THE MESSENGER. Understanding Perspective is the key to understanding how they trick us, along with teaching us fiction as fact since childhood. The scientists use those maths to teach facts of the sun being so far away, and size of earth using the R value, witch has been proven false with a p900 zoom cam as well as all scientific expierments showing NO SPINNING BOLL, by any means, what so ever, or by any stretch of the imagination, once you see how they tricked and lied to us all. Take care and god bless

  7. hey, Jeff, have you ever considered that Trump deliberately wants to crash the monetary system, in order to have a more “orderly” and less destructive crash than otherwise would occur .

  8. What you say and propose is absolutely 100% correct. HOWEVER, it’ll never happen as long as the criminals remain out of prison and with their huge wealth — that much is obvious. To have any chance at all those criminals have to be taken out AND their stolen loot must be confiscated. It bedaffles me how that simple point seems to be missed.

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