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18 Comments on The Dollar Vigilante Reaches 100,000 Subscribers! Thank You!

  1. I wish……..1 million ……..soon……….Congrats…… are on a great mission………..god bless you for educating people on currency …dollar…bitcoin….cryptocurrency

  2. Jeff have you heard about ONGsocial? It’s a sort of like steemit I think it has some real potential.

  3. Congratulations!

    Dream; be the CEO of your ico.
    Some see holes in this ico
    Some see whores running this ico
    There could be scam in this ico
    But @Jsnip4 made doe with #Veritaseum ico
    Some scream woe at this ico
    Better learn to earn with this ico
    Do your research on this ico
    It helps not to lose hope on this ico
    There are many funny icos
    In the past, present, and future of icos
    Study up on this ico
    Burn some candles on this ico
    Choose the good in these icos
    Hola @ me, let’s convo about this ico
    We can talk to walk with this ico
    Earn to glow and flow with this ico
    Make a buck, do a show on this ico
    Set up myetherwallet for this ico
    Who knows; finna blow with this ico
    I hope, I pray, 4sure, I win, on this ico…

    The “O” in JOB stands for ***OPPORTUNITY***

    So, find it and break loose!


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