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15 Comments on The Dollar Vigilante Plays $10 Million Poker Tourney Live AMA

  1. Telegram coin готов на 95%, запуск и размещение будут происходить! Кому не удалось купить, советую поторопиться и идти дальше

  2. Good info for next year’s tourney Jeff…. hopefully not 5 aces in 2020 tourney (dig) all in fun 🤑🤪

  3. Its ashame anyone actually believes this clown is an anarchist. He’s a drunk and a gambling addict who uses government laws to enforce his intellectual property rights. Sorry dude but you can’t have it both ways buddy. Your nothing more then a run away greedy coward who came into alot of money and thought he could capitalize off of using cryptos to sell your bullshit fake identity. Never trust a man who doesnt support anyone but himself. He accepts the good but runs away when a little bad happens it’s the definition of a COWARD LIAR

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