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The Current State of Cryptos: How to Buy Low and Sell High

Jeff Berwick at G Edward Griffin's 4th Congress of Freedom Force International, Paso Robles, California.

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Topics include: The Creature from Jekyll Island, the rise and fall of Bitcoin, Bitcoins price crash predicted by TDV, now is the time to start buying but buy what? a lot going on in the crypto space, FUD in the markets, central banks and market cycles, Trump and record deficits, skyrocketing debt, the yellow vest movement, the dollar collapse, crypto miner wars, the future of Bitcoin, tax slavery, the TDV newsletter.

48 Comments on The Current State of Cryptos: How to Buy Low and Sell High

  1. Jeff, I’ve never heard you say this (or anyone else) but of all the crazy taxes on everything, people don’t realize where they pay the MOST taxes!

    Every product that we buy – most of what we are paying for is a long string of added up taxes!

    i.e. When a typical tax slave takes whats left of their paycheck to go buy a car. We must start from the very beginning – An iron ore mine has many, many, business taxes plus operational taxes on electricity etc, plus matching employee taxes etc. (a lot!) They add that tax burden to every ton of ore they sell.
    Then there is a trucking company, a steel refiner, another trucking company, a wholesaler, another trucking company, a retailer, another trucking company, a automobile manufacturer, another trucking company, an auto retailer, and EVERY ONE of those companies add their tax burden to the product. In the end most of what we slaves are paying for, is a long string of added up taxes!!!
    From my math, I figure the average person pays about 75% of all the money they work for, in taxes… (extortion)

    • At least Schiff does not lower his standards by name calling. Peter Schiff has a HUGE patience with people he disagrees with.

  2. speaking to the wrong crowd,90% of the people in this room are and or look 60- 70 yrs old and when you talk about forks/ crypto they have no idea what you are talking about(pause the video @ 33:28 and you tell me what you see ),you need to be speaking@ high schools/colleges/university the people that will be actually using crypto,speaking to the elderly about crypto is pointless,,,,,,,,(for adoption)

    • +Alexandru lol you dont get it,its not about the money,(but looking at your channel seems thats all you care about),it’s about adoption,(you not making money without adoption)the “comment “you make is just stupid,not you personally but the comment

    • Crypto Numb Nuts I have to agree with Alexandru. I think your view of senior citizens is, to say the least, bigoted. These are the people who were taught to think for themselves unlike modern youth. Look at the demographics of the Brexit vote for example.

    • I’m buying. I started at $3340.00. I’m adding .10 bitcoin each week until I get 2 total bitcoin. Made a second purchase of .10 bitcoin this morning at $3160.00

  3. I like Jeff in a way but take a look at his past videos regarding the Bitcoin forks. I recall him claiming that bcash may, in fact be the real Bitcoin.. He has no intrinsic understanding of the tech, he just follows the most socially relevant, highly priced coin and claims that he knew before the market decided, which is false. His heart is in the right place but he is no leader in the crypto-currency space.

    • steve zajac none of it is decided and both of them are likely headed to zero. If you think the massive market manipulation that lead up to 20k has anything to do with the market deciding which coin is real, you’re delusional. Not here to argue about this though. Put all your money in BTC if you want.

    • +Voluntarist Negative. The original protocol had an inflation bug that required an upgrade to fix, bcash no longer has that and since Bitcoin is a free and open software, anybody can copy it, adjust it and call theirs “the real Bitcoin”. Also, exchanges decide nothing, some exchanges use the ticker XBT for Bitcoin for example. Everything you said was incorrect…. yet you claim I don’t have accurate knowledge regarding Bitcoin..

  4. Jeff, have you noticed that all of the recent crashes in the crypto market have been directly related to BCash? Rodger Ver is the scammy central banker of crypto, we shouldn’t support him.

  5. I don’t understand the childish name calling towards Peter Schiff and calling him Peter Shill. Schiff is on point about almost everything of the current state of the economy. Except he doesn’t see the potential of crypto. So he might be not thinking outside of the box in this area, but I learn a lot from him about the economy.

  6. Good work as always Jeff. At first when I heard of you I was a little sceptical. I listened to others, read some trashy comments, heard rumours. To be honest though the more I have listened to you the more I warmed and literally every video I watch just resonates with me. You stand for the right things and talk about so much that I believe in too.

    My initial perception of you was tainted by others, lesson learned. Don’t listen to rumours. You are either a darn good actor and liar or you are the real deal. I’m going to go with the real deal and continue to listen to your words. Many thanks.

  7. Financial crises are designed by the government to transfer power and wealth to the government.
    Monero [XMR] is 100% untraceable with low cost highly efficient transactions, while Bitcoin is fully traceable with inefficient expensive transaction costs.
    People will run to Monero, instead of Bitcoin, to escape government intrusion and wealth confiscation.

    I have never considered cryptocurrencies to be an investment or asset or commodity.
    Cryptocurrencies are currencies, and that is “distilled work”, which is not actual money.
    Physical gold and silver are money.
    When cryptocurrencies are 100% untraceable, easily and anonymously convertible with gold and silver, then there will be a mass exodus from government fiat currency and then governments will collapse.
    Civilization will have escaped from the horror of government brutality and violence.

    When people realize the true value of 100% untraceable cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin will lose to Monero and to the other fully untraceable cryptocurrencies.
    Everyone on the planet will have an unlimited number of untraceable “bank” accounts that they can carry in their heads across any border.
    The central banking system will collapse, and then the (literally) bloody governments will be starved of their life blood for waging wars.
    Only in a society ruled by a government are the slaves allowed to vote for their masters.

    “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” — Mark Twain


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