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The Bitcoin “Magic Money” Documentary Has Just Been Released

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46 Comments on The Bitcoin “Magic Money” Documentary Has Just Been Released

  1. Do not pay for a movie like this. Just watch The Bitcoin Gospel. This movie is making cash off teaching what you already know. And, if new to btc, do not pay to watch this first. Watch The Bitcoin Gospel here on youtube for free, first. Then, maybe come and pay 5 bucks to go into their btc account to teach you what you can learn in the BITCOIN GOSPEL. I have nothing to do with the btc gospel, but I do not see why a noob should pay to watch what can be seen, freely, here at YT.

    • I agree … Yes I might pay for it… but im already sold on it. How can I get a friend to watch it if they have to pay for it?

  2. Ummm….. anyone who controls the block chain controls bitcoin. Governments are getting their hooks into it. This is a Trojan horse to a cashless society controlled by corrupt governments. Get into hard assets and liquidate only into cash when you need to make an exchange. Bitcoin will just get sucked into the central bankers version called fedcoin

    • Will Nielsen the government or more accurately the unelected embedded deep state soon to be the new world order gets all this power from people who knowingly or unknowingly give it to them. Those who give it unknowingly usually do so because their greed overrides their critical thinking. It happens quite a lot actually. Look at most any product review on Amazon and usually they are all 5’s. That is because most people have a strong need to convince themselves that they made a good choice with where they put their money. People do that with investments too. People put their money in ponzi schemes and think they made a great choice because it seems to be working until suddenly the party ends. But that can be soon or it can be much later. Biggest ponzi in history is social security. Generational dependence has developed around that turd and people think it works just because government has enslaved the masses into supporting that ponzi for so long. It also started out as a savings account and above the board and then little by little they robbed it blind and corrupted not after the people trusted them with all that power to tax and force investment. Same with bitcoin you guys are building the machine that slit you and your children’s throats in the future. You think it is Free and it certainly is not going to stay that way.

    • Ben Dover you gotta admit that it’s just as bad to say it’s untrue because you read it on the internet as well. The internet is just a medium. It just facilitates communication. You still have the responsibility to think critically for yourself.

    • +myeyepie I am thinking critically.  Most can’t think critically about bitcoin, especially if they have a vested interest in it.

    • +Ben Dover – The majority of people put forth a lot of critical thought in something they are going to invest in.

    • +myeyepie​ – Sounds like you have been brainwashed by the government in to being a slave because you believe the government is all powerful and can stop everything that provides freedom for people and so you just belly up.

  3. Bitcoin is a beta test for a global, digital, fiat currency.  This is why no government has banned it yet.  Wake up!

  4. Took me a while to come around to bitcoin. Gold,silver and bitcoin are allies. They are the twin towers of destruction of fiat currency. It going to be the biggest transfer of wealth in our lifetime when all the fiat currencies around the world start failing into hyperinflation.

  5. What is Bitcoin? It is a dangerous merger of money, technology and spying : Bitcoin / Blockchain. It’s promoted as the solution to the failing financial system we live in today. But Bitcoin / Blockchain is not a solution to the collapsing financial system and the failed institutions (banks, corporations, etc.), because this IS the new world financial order created by the elites, the bankers and the corporations in their attempt to create one world currency. MR ROBOT (financed by USA Network, owned by NBC Universal, owned by COMCAST) promotes it covertly, the WARBURG family promotes it overtly and very aggressively (Bettina Warburg, see Ted Talks) as well as GOLDMAN SACHS (See blockchain video on GoldmanSachs youtube channel). Why? Because if you couple it with the disappearing of physical money + bail-ins + capital controls + “snooper charter”-like laws, you have full spectrum financial dominance over 7 billion people. 

    Bitcoin also bears the classic tells of a psyop where they always try to play it off as some grassroots or underground movement in order to make everyone want it and bring in their trojan horse. They are doing the same thing with human chipping. It’s exactly what they did with Trump. It’s like toying with children for them some times. “DON’T VOTE TRUMP” ! The globalists loudly proclaimed. “He’s our sworn enemy”. What do the masses do ? Even the people who are allegedly in the truth movement ? Give them exactly what they want. 

    This Blockchain he is talking about is the perfect trackable technology, it’s the beginning of the microchipped population (not in their wrist yet, but in their wallet). They underline the fact that Bitcoin is decentralized. We don’t care about that… that’s not important. What’s important is that ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS (intimate and sensitive tings, things you are not proud of buying, pharmaceutical prescriptions, all of them) being tracked, stored and made accessible to your insurance company, to the big brother state, the police, the FBI, CIA etc. Are we really out of our minds??There are so few people that are able to see this dark reality of mass control by use of virtual money …Just watch the movie IN TIME (2011) and look how the currency (i.e. time, crypto-currency, electronic digits, etc.) was tracked in that movie… amazing… 

    The problem with bitcoin, eCoin any virtual coin and all crypto-currencies or virtual digits in the bank is that all transactions are virtual, public and ultimately traceable. Orwellianly so : “backdoor, side door” etc. We need currency that is impossible to trace, real (not virtual) and non-dependent on electricity or internet, in order to maintain some privacy and control.

    • I value freedom and I think Blockchain is a major step forward in achieving and keeping it. Anyone with an Internet connection has a means to transact and a store of value now. Great for 2.5 billion of people without a bank account.

      Imagine a government run on Blockchain. No stealing, no human error, no corruption, no emotion involved. What do we have now? You pay taxes and it feels like throwing money into a black hole.

      And stop with the transactions are public nonsense. It’s a feature not a bug.

  6. Bitcoin is digital money which is what the elites wanted so they know exactly what we are spending and if they don’t like your politics they can cut you off with the touch of a button.

  7. bitcoin the new fiat currency for the suckers… we need a money system not another currency system. gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, nickel, chromium, steel, and other durable (doesn’t rust rot or depreciate) goods are money. bitgold is money, a physical metal placed on hold, in an allocated account, to be sold off as used on your debit card. bitgold is best to make online purchases. and cash or physical metals are best for local purchases. so i would only use bitcoin as an investment opportunity like the stock market. maybe 50% of my dedicated wealth preserved in physical metals, 20% in cash/local currency, 10% in bitgold or like accounts, 10% commodity/utility/industry/manufacturing/technology based stocks, 5% in bitcoin, 3% other crypto-currencies, 2% penny stocks. in this equation we only risk 20% of our dedicated wealth to the power grid/internet and another 30% to our government/social contract leaving 50% of our wealth intact in physical form in our possession and our control at any given moment. remember u don’t hold it, u don’t own it.

    • +mystery dude
      Dude why Bitcoin is a privacy issue? Dark markets have millions of customers they all pay in Bitcoin, and buy mostly illegal stuff. The biggest Bitcoin heists still have no culprits. They are probably on their own islands right now. Also any shmuk running ransomewere takes only Bitcoin. These people don’t seem to have a privacy issue using Bitcoin.

    • +Profetu Rulz That’s not because of bitcoin, because bitcoin is transparent on the blockchain for anyone to trace the real person, sooner or later. The data stays there forever. Dark markets use a third party, such as BitPay, which makes it harder for the average Joe to trace you, but the problem is, the data is still there and will never disappear and someone with expertice, time and the tools can do it, i.e. intelligence agencies. The event with Silk Road is the proof of that. They probably, and I’m sure of this, know all its users and eventually caught the big fish himself. Paper money exchanges and bartering is still anonymous. I’m totally shocked at the people who do not care about privacy anymore these days, even if you’ve got nothing to hide, it’s no one’s business what one does.
      Regarding the biggest bitcoin heist, how do you know? You might be right, as being hacker requires a high intelligence and he could have taken multiple fake identities and proxies to exchange it to fiat currency and have escaped. We do not know, however. Maybe he’s assinated, who knows. You still can pinpoint to a real life identity, however.

    • +Profetu Rulz Non-sense? I’ve explained it in child language how it works. Use cases don’t mean anything. I want to see facts/evidence. The fact is, Bitcoin is not anynomous. I’ve already told you why in my synopsis. If you want more information, here is the bookmarked link that explains it simple and clearly for the average Joe @
      Your claim that it is anonymous is 100% bunk, so is your claim that 100% anonymous cryptocurrencies exist. Total lies. Where are your arguments, because if this is the case, I want to know? You’re talking to a system engineer who learned programming at age 8 over 20 years ago and a former hacker. You can go in detail to proof your “3 use cases” and/or show me technical papers that proof your point, because last time I’ve checked, they don’t exist and Bitcoin was, is and never will be about being 100% anonymity. You know what is anonymous? 1 on 1 exchanges, without 7 billion monkeys able to see what one is up to, at any time to infinity of the time of their choosing. But go ahead and be an ignoramus.

    • I know how it works. Not sure you do mr system engineer and ex hacker. BTW do you know which is the first implemented solution to the byzantine generals problem in distributed systems? Let me know.

      Bitcoin is 100% anonymous if you are careful. The proof is in the uses cases by people risking their lives. Of course if you have bitcoin in one address and tell the world that you own that address then Bitcoin is not anonymous for you anymore. Or if you buy bitcoin from Coinbase where you are registered with your ID. That should be obvious.

      There are at least 3 cryptocurrencies that all they do is anonymity: Monero, Dashcoin and Zcash. look them up, they have whitepapers, websites, forums etc. They move around $4 million daily. Again, the connection to the fiat systems aka exchanges are obviously not anonymous. If you want to stay anonymous, don’t buy on an exchange.

      If we meet 1 on 1 and I send you bitcoins who is gonna know?

  8. The “power” of bitcoin? SERIOUSLY?
    *May as well say the POWER of electronic digits*
    There is, never was nor will *EVER WILL BE a BETTER form of money than HARD MONEY (Gold and Silver)* ordained by God which he made so obvious you have would a blind fool to not know this by now.
    God even put up in the sky a *GOLDEN sun and SILVERY moon* to REMIND you of this FACT!

    • “They are blue. And they are fucking real.”
      No argument here, they are *ALL kinds of colors* and they are real, *what they are NOT are “SUNS”*
      If you think they “suns” it’s because someone TOLD you they are *without ANY evidence*, no one PROVED it and no one EVER will!!

    • “the power of electronic digits”
      Is the *GOLD backing up those transaction!!*
      Not so with “Bit-VAINITY”
      Bitcoin has *NO* hard assets backing it up!
      That makes ALL the difference in the world, at least to anyone with a smidgen of common sense.

    • Useful does *NOT equate to VALUABLE*
      All kinds of things are “useful” but *NOT* valuable
      Electronic DIGITS (like bitcoin) are useful but *NOT* valuable, *Gold BACKED* electronic digit (see my previous post) are *BOTH useful AND valuable!!!!!*

    • +KingJamesBible – Bitcoin is valuable because it is the first world wide currency that cannot be controlled or stopped by banks/governments and does away with the middle man.
      Digital gold has the fatal flaw of being centralized so it can be controlled/stopped, and has a huge middle man.

  9. Strange that the actor playing “Max Wright” in this trailer is actually an internet marketer named Ryan Higgins. Wonder why they needed to deceive? Very hypey and hokey looking film.

  10. cool let’s paper trade this on the comex! just kidding, the jerks will figure out how to screw this up too! I’m a silver stacker, but wish you good luck!

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