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37 Comments on TDV Worldwide Crypto & Anarchy Tour

  1. Congrats on retaking your vows, Jeff, as well as the speaking event at GEG;s house. Excellent! BTW, a challenge getting to Acapulco in Feb. United Airlines has reduced its non-stop flights to Acapulco to Mondays only in Feb. Looking at other airlines and schedules. It may take six legs for a R/T itinerary from where I am to attend. 🙂

  2. Ooooo ill see you at Aria! Where can i get info on the poker tourney? What’s the buyin?
    But the real question… Are we gonna have a tourney at anarchopulco?

  3. There is no economic philosophy more narcissistic and detached from reality than the Austrian/Chicago/Anarcho-Cap folks. It’s Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” on crack.

    • An economy based on violence is an admission of a failure to negotiate.

      It’s Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” that built the pencil. If it were left to the state, we would still be burning the ends of sticks the write with, and they would tell you what you are going to write.

    • Jeff Berwick
      Since what you endorse would be worse than what we have now, one?

      We agree on foreign policy and civil liberties, but capitalism with no government, would be disastrous.
      It would lead to cartels and multinational corporations running our world with even less accountability than we currently have.

      I look to advance beyond capitalism, not make it worse.

    • Dio Genes
      I am not familiar with the history of the pencil, but an example of corporations/cartels being in charge and being a bad idea would be, Alex Jones being banned from YouTube, Twitter, etc.
      Still waiting for that invisible hand to do something.

    • *+C J*
      Your problem is with the nomenclature. Socialists change the meaning of words to smokescreen the issues (hide their violence). Violent corporations/cartels are NOT capitalists, no more than rapists are lovers.

      Assuming that these media companies actually _were_ independent non-violent unsubsidized capitalist companies, and they are not, then they would be free to voluntarily trade or not trade with any other free person or company. In a free market, the invisible hand will be moved by individuals voluntarily spending their labor and value.

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  6. (((Anarchists))) hate American Patriots, smearing us as “statists” and are pushing the Jewish agenda to destroy our liberties and Constitutional Freedoms. (((Dollar Vigilante))) even hints at this with the (((hook nosed spies))) committing acts of terrorism on the US Capital in his intro cartoon. (((Anarchy))) is an unsustainable pipe dream that will end in tyranny once the (((Anarchic power vacuum))) has been filled.

  7. wow, so much shilling in 3 minutes. None of it relevant to my life. They all look more like spring break fiestas for noobs.

  8. Don’t worry brotha I didn’t do so well with my engagement and wedding with my wife either, but congrats to you guys and God bless!

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