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24 Comments on TDV Reacts To ConMan Sherman’s Call To Ban Cryptocurrency For US Tax Slaves

  1. Sherman is crazy he is afraid and just doesn’t know what to do, it is crazy and it will NEVER HAPPEN ! we work outside the law , always have , always will , WE do not need your permission , we work on our own ,! LOL what is this crazy little man thinking? it is TOO late his banker friends won’t take kindly to this “BILL”.

  2. Best crypto shilling ever! Bhahaha )))) Who paid this congressman for the promo???? Satoshi himself???

  3. I am in. I have been a subscriber to TDV since
    Fri, 30 Jun 2017, 20:13. While not now… I am in for TCV.

  4. At least he is on track 😆😆
    Freaking Con Parasite Thief . TCV finally a reality. Thanks Jeff

    • And we have the power to disobey said “laws”…
      You gotta get outta that mentality, that’s how they get you, with FEAR.

    • +Travis Exactly! Laws are just made up by a bunch of crooks, why the hell should I obey them?

    • +BPwhistleblower,
      When laws become unjust, it becomes our duty to disobey.
      Or sometin like that.. either way, fug these (((people))).

  5. What a joke, the clowns can’t stand not being able to steal your sweat equity using worthless paper fiat.

  6. An old man yelling at a bitcoin to get off his lawn because it’s shi*ting on everything he has and loves. Thank you Jeff for making me laugh this morning! I will be subscribing today and can’t wait for the crypto vigilante to launch! Keep it up my man!

  7. This is the Fall of Yankee Government now we will see who is actually Running the crooked Regime..

  8. I know absolutely nothing about bitcoin. But I do understand this bitcoin craze will only hasten the collapse of the once mighty dollar and those who have controlled/stole from us for so long. Am I correct in assuming this? But then again…the n.w.o. awaits in the wings and it seems this digital currency is the way forward.

  9. Hahahaha! Nice! The guy is a dinosaur, these types will be financially extinct by their own arrogance. Good riddance I say.

  10. it’ll be like blowing really hard against a hurricane expecting it’ll make a difference . . .

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