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24 Comments on Stay Away From HitBTC! And Why Money Laundering Is Not a Crime

  1. First. Salute to “dissident” Jeff Berwick. Derrick is a card carrying conspiracy theorist.

  2. You’re laundering money by borrowing it into existence, as credit becomes cash once deposited in a bank.

  3. Mexico looks so dangerous, with so many sexy criminals on the beach, I think I will go there to be robbed or kidnapped over an over again, any time.

  4. I would love to hear the story where you tell everybody you’re only alive because you’re paying cartels to stay alive and do what you do remember everything that’s in the dark will come into light my friend Jeff you’re not fooling anyone

  5. The truth is all governments are run by the fallen angels. You know, Satan. Most churches too.

  6. great video as always Jeff.. on a side note check out that booty 2:28 <3

  7. 2 years ago I withdrew all my crypto from this gangster exchange (Hitbtc) . They charged 300 PLR to be able to withdraw my 500 PLR tokens!!! I almost cried !! The same with the other cryptos i bought . When I hear the name Hitbtc I shudder !!!!

  8. We need decentralized exchanges that out perform the competition at centralized ones

  9. looks like too many people in Acapulco. is there a beach city or resort in Mexico where the tourist hordes don’t descend on?

  10. Never knew that so many women in Mexico wear g-strings. Also what do you think about what happened at Cryptopia where they filed for bankruptcy and then took all their users funds with them.

  11. Just wondering to what degree is the Deep State’s involvement in all of this? Where’d you get that crypto? Is this their last gasp?

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